We know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be released this August. As we come closer to that date, the flagship device’s rumor mill gets more and more active. We are at a stage where we will run into more leaks about the smartphone than ever. A number of rumors have already made quite a hype. Many artists have also created renders based on rumors coming from reliable sources. This time, we have images of the official silicone case of the smartphone.

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The case, of course, is “alleged” to be the official case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, in this line, you can never be sure about what is true and what is a ruse. The most intriguing part about this case is that it actually confirms a lot of rumors. The rumors in mention came from very reliable sources and are quite gullible themselves. The case confirming these rumors just makes them more concrete.

A few things are very clear in the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 10 case. The most important one of them is that there is no cutout for a headphone jack in it. This wouldn’t come as a surprise that Samsung is going to eliminate the headphone jack from the Note 10 too.

Apple did get quite a backlash for doing it but it ultimately drove Apple AirPods’ sales to the skies. More and more companies are removing the headphone jack and beckoning an era of the truly wireless smartphone experience.

The case also seems to have a cutout on the top for an IR (Infrared Radio) application. The purpose of this IR transmitter (or receiver) is not known as of yet. On the back of the case, there are two main islands vertically aligned on the top right side. The larger island will hold the esteemed triple-camera setup. The smaller isle, on the other hand, is a bit mysterious.

samsung S10 case

You will easily notice that the second aisle is not big enough for a fingerprint sensor. We can also easily guess that the larger isle is not big enough the hold the LED flash too. This design is consistent with the rumor that suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with an LED flash and a heartbeat sensor placed next to the triple-camera setup on the back. While a heartbeat sensor is great, the real question is this: what about the fingerprint sensor?

Well, we think that rumors of the Note 10 featuring an in-screen fingerprint sensor are true. Of course, at this point, it wasn’t really a surprise because the Galaxy S10 has already featured it. However, Samsung has made some bold moves in the past that left a significant difference between the SX and NX series of the same years. It is nice to know that this won’t be the case with the fingerprint sensing system of the two smartphones.

Remember, this information is based on the basic assumption that this case is the official one for Note 10. The real specs could be completely different, or exactly the same.

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