The background story of the Samsung Galaxy A90 flagship is quite bumpy. At first, it was being said that the Galaxy A80 will be scaled up a bit to launch as the Galaxy A90. However, that was not the case when the A80 came out. After the launch of A80, the A90 went out of the scene completely. Earlier this month, rumors about an A90 have again started surfacing. This time, however, the A90 will be a completely different device. It is also being suggested that the galaxy A90 might be launched as a part of the Galaxy R series. If that is the case, the smartphone will definitely not be named with the “A” as its prefix.

The information has been leaked by a number of highly reliable and renowned leaksters in the industry. This brings us to the point that there is no Galaxy R series in Samsung’s lineup right now. Well, Samsung is apparently about to launch another series of upper-mid range smartphones. This new lineup will be called – as you probably have guessed – the Galaxy R series. This drama points to the fact Samsung is keen on not using the name Samsung Galaxy A90 for some reason.

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We have no idea about the reason behind this behavior. We are guessing that Samsung is going to launch a top-tier smartphone with that name tag. This could be why the company is not reserving the name for a mid-range smartphone. However, at this point, everyone can only guess.

Samsung Galaxy A90 is Actually Samsung Galaxy R

If Samsung has no plan of releasing a Samsung Galaxy A90, why does the name keep popping up? Well, it all started when the factory name of an upcoming Samsung smartphone leaked. The device was tagged “SM-A90X”. This immediately led us to believe that the prototype was a Samsung Galaxy A90. However, the more we hear about it, the more we can be sure that this is not a Galaxy A90. According to the latest information on the topic, the SM-A90X will be the first device to be launched with the Galaxy R series nametag.

The SM-A90X will soon be joined by another smartphone in the series. It is rumored that both smartphones will have a triple camera setup. A recent leak claimed that one of these smartphones will have a very unique camera feature. We have no information on the matter as of now so no one can really be sure as to what it will be. We also know that at least one of these devices will feature 5G support. The same rumor that confirmed a 5G device in the Galaxy R series also mentioned that the 5G smartphone will come with 45 W ultra-fast charging capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy A90 is covered in a shroud of mystery and it makes us wonder if Samsung is doing this on purpose just to create a hype for the smartphone. A mid-range smartphone with 5G support and 45 W ultra-fast charging would be quite nice though.

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