Here, we would be discuss about the Rooting process of Samsung device comes from Samsung’s famous Galaxy series. The smartphone is named as Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589. The Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Review for this device is very positive from the customers. Before we starting the Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy smart phone, we should have some knowledge about the Rooting process of device. The Rooting process is only applicable for Android smart phone. As per we know that, the Rooting process of Android smart phone is a process of to change the inner core of the any Android operating system (OS).

There are also some merits as well as some demerits of the Rooting process of Android smart phone. First of all we, should have know about the advantages of Rooting process. After the rooting process of any Android smartphone device, you can Play HD games better than before, install custom ROMs, Increase the built-in memory storage of device and also you can overclocking the processor. But, in terms of the disadvantage, once you root your smart phone, then you will lose your Warranty of the smart phone device, provided by manufacturer company.

Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH I589

Before we start the Rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy smart phone device, we have to know about some Prerequisites are necessary. The Prerequisites are as shown as below.

Prerequisites required for Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos :

  • Be sure that smartphone device has minimum or around of 70% of battery. If the battery of your smart phone is not sufficient, then device will be disturbs in the middle of the Rooting process. 
  • Be sure that the mode of USB Debugging has active or not.
  • For Rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy Ace duos smart phone, you must download Software, which is named as “SRS One Click Root“.
  • Make sure you have taken backup of everything like SMS, whatsapp backup etc.

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Now, we discuss about some easy steps for Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos device.

Steps for Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589 Smartphone :

SRS One Click Root

STEP – 1 First of all, you have to Download the SRS One Click Root software in your PC or Desktop device. After the download this software, installed it on PC

STEP – 2 Now, active the Unknown Sources from your device under the Settings. Then, active USB debugging option by going into Developer options also under the Settings.

STEP – 3 Now, connect your Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589 device to the computer through an micro USB cable.

STEP – 4 After the proper connection of Ace Duos smart phone with the PC, open the “SRS One Click Root” software on it. This software will automatically identify your Samsung smart phone.

STEP – 5 After the launches of Root software, you will get a window. In that window, by clicking on “Start” button, Rooting process of your Galaxy Ace Duos device will start.

STEP – 6 Within a 15 minutes of duration, your smart phone device will be rooted. After the Rooting process, Restart your Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos device.

Check out the below video how to root samsung smartphones using SRS one click root software.


After the restart, now your Galaxy Ace Duos smart phone will be rooted.

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