In these days, there are many methods are available to fully root your Android based smartphone device. If you have a LG Volt smartphone device and you want to root your LG smartphone, then here we would like to suggests method of root LG Volt smartphone.

Here, we suggests some method and steps for root your LG Volt device. With the help of these steps, you can easily root your device. Generally, Android Rooting is a method or procedure by which you can gain the admin rights and therefore you can control many of the things in your android smartphone device.

Before the begin of Rooting process, you should know about few things. Such as,

  • This rooting process will void the warranty of your android device.
  • For this process, you it is not necessary to have PC or desktop.
  • If you want to root your device then, do this process at your own risk.(Advantage/Disadvantage of Rooting)How to Root the LG Volt

Here are few of the steps you can use to root your LG Volt smartphone device.

  1. First of all, connect your LG Volt device to the internet.
  2. Open any web browser in your LG device.
  3. Open the Towelroot website.
  4. Tap on the big Lambda icon, which is shown on Towelroot website page. The app should begin to download on your device.
  5. Then active the unknown sources on your LG Volt device by going to Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  6. Now, open the file manager and open the app that you are downloaded in the third step. Install the app on your device.
  7. Release this newly installed app from your App Drawer.
  8. Tap on this newly launched app for make it run.
  9. It will start the rooting process on your LG device.
  10. When the rooting process is done then restart your LG Volt device.

After completed the rooting process on your device, if you want to check, then go to the Google Play Store and download and install the SuperSu app on your LG Volt device.It will help you to confirm whether your device is rooted or not?

Now, your LG Volt smart phone is now rooted and you can be loaded with your most favorite root only apps.Check out video guide on How to root LG volt smartphone from below.


There are many advantages of Android Rooting. Once, you have completed root process on your LG Volt smartphone device, then you will be able to,

  • You can remove the apps that were pre installed by manufacturer of the smartphone device, from your device.
  • Free up the memory storage space with rooting process.
  • You can increase the some battery life.
  • After removing apps that are always running, therefore increase the performance of your device
  • Easily update a new version of Android operating system on your device.
  • Play HD games by using of chainfire without any disturbance.
  • Flash many custom ROMs.

Along with the advantages, some disadvantages are also equipped with this Android Rooting process. After the rooting of Android device, the main issue is exposure to virus threats.

We will hope that the article about the “how to Root the LG Volt smartphone device” will help you to root your LG Volt Cell Phones.Do let us know your comments on the tutorial here by commenting below.

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