This Root Explorer App is an APK file that we are not recommended to use on an Android device. It is always better if you use the app downloaded from the Google Play Store. So, to manage all your files on the rooted device, you can check Best File Manager For Rooted Smartphone.

Recently we have discussed few file manager for an Android smartphone but here we would going to discuss the best file manager Android Apps for Rooted Phones. You can edit your android host file to block particular website on your device. There is little difference between general file manager and root file manager. General file manager would give you permission to access only folders and files on your device. It would not allow you to open, edit or modify system files and folders. Root Explorer APK allow users to access, modify system files and folders from android device.

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File Manager for Rooted Smartphone Users

It comes with great features like you can access Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network (SMB) support, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor. You don’t have to install file archiver app on your android.Because there is an inbuilt facility that allows you to create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract RAR archives directly. You can also execute scripts, search for any files or folders for duplicate files on your smartphone.

An interesting feature is that you can setup and assign your own icon to your folders and files. So you can browse your smartphone’s folders like on PC.  All Folders and files would have image thumbnails that would allow you to easily identify them. You can set any file property like reading, write and execute. So specific file you have assigned would read-only or writable depending on your selected option.

Root Explorer - Best File manager for Root Users

You can select multiple files to add them to compressed folders, share them via Bluetooth or WiFi to another smartphone user. There would be three tabs, first one is a system, storage, and SD card. You can directly access them from this file manager.

Root Explorer File Manager APK Features