Superoneclick is very useful android rooting tool that helps you to root almost any smartphones. Here in this article, you will find step by step superoneclick rooting guide and download superoneclick rooting video guide.

Rooting is trending among all android users. Most of the android users are prefer to root their device or tablet to enjoy as a privileged android user. Rooting has its own advantages & disadvantages, it would void the warranty of your smartphone is the biggest advantage. But you can make your device full featuring from read only android device. Rooting would give you super user access, and allow you to modify or edit system or android host files.

Rooting is becoming passion nowadays and hence android developers trying and researching a new way to root device. One of that method is SuperOneClick by Shortfuse.Here is the tutorial on how to root android smartphone device using SuperOneClick by Shortfuse.This tool can easily root almost any smartphones & tablets, check it’s tutorial below.

How to use SuperOneClick Tool

Before you start procedure, please note that super one click root tool requires computers with Microsoft .NetFramework 2.0 installed on it.If your computer doesn’t have that installed, you can download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 from here. You can check Super One Click Instructions for How to Root My Android device.

How To Root Your Android Device Using SuperOneClick

  • Now enable USB debugging mode from Settings->Applications->Development and enabling “USB Debugging“ option.
  • Now connect your device to a computer, but remember to remove SD card & run superoneclick.exe from your computer.

SuperOneClick Rooting Procedure

  • Make sure your device is connected using USB cable. It would show log in the list. Now click on root option from super one click Android Rooting Software.
  • It would show log as it proceeds. Ok after each process would be displayed. When it finished, you would get success message in superoneclick logs.
  • Root Smartphone using Superoneclick
  • Now check your android app drawer for a new app installed. There would be superuser app installed with Droid skull and crossbones like icon. If you are not able to see that app, reboot your device. You can also check if your device is rooted or not using android root checker app.

Please note that Super One Click tool can not root the following HTC Android phones like Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic), Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible), HTC Desire GSM, HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC),HTC Aria , Droid Eris (HTC DesireC), HTC Wildfire,  (HTC Buzz). You can root them by using Unrevoked Tool or Z4root.

Check out  How To Root Your Android Device Using SuperOneClick from below video that is posted by Tekhnify on YouTube.