Amazon 7″ Kindle Fire HD can now be easily rooted using the provided method here. It would help you to gain root access to your Amazon Kindle fire, and you would be able to enjoy more privileges on your Amazon 7 Kindle Fire HD.

This method has been explained by and found useful by so many users. The interesting thing is that it also works with older versions. Here is the step-by-step instruction for How to Root a Kindle Fire HD easily.

There is no Kindle Fire Root App available, but you can successfully root Amazon Kindle Fire HD using the below methods.

How To Root Amazon 7 Kindle Fire HD

Step By Step Instruction on How to Root Kindle Fire HD

  • Download The & extract it on your computer & uninstall any Drivers you have previously installed For Kindle Fire HD.
  • Now Connect Kindle Fire HD To your computer using a USB cable & from your computer, go to Start Button> And Search “Device Manager” Go to > Portable Devices.
  • “Right Click” On Kindle And Choose “Properties,” then Go to “Driver” and Click “Uninstall & unplug” the Kindle From the PC.
  • Now Download And Install Kindle Fire ADB Drivers.
  • Now On your Kindle Fire HD, Go To “Settings” Then >Security. Mark “Enable ADB” – ON.
  • Connect Kindle Fire HD To The PC Via USB. Wait Till Automatic Installation Completes And Kindle is Recognized.
  • Go to extracted Bin4ry folder location And “Double Click” the “RunMe.bat” File, And Choose Option 1.<Image Credit>
Root Amazon Kindle Fire Easily
How to Root Your Kindle Fire
  • On The Kindle Fire HD, tap on the option that says “Backup My Data” & wait till the backup procedure get finished. (When The Backup Completes, On The Computer, Press Any Key). Then Select The Option “Restore My Data” (This Will Not Erase Any Data Or Files) And Wait Till The Restore Completes (When The Restore Completes, On The Computer, Press Any Key).
How to root the Kindle Fire HD
Easiest Way to Root Kindle Fire HD
  • Now your device will be restarted. When The Kindle Boot The First Time (It Will Be Sluggish), Unlock It And Wait for The Other Reboot.
  • When it restarted, you would have to choose again the option that says “Restore My Data” You have to wait until restoring procedure is finished. Press any key from your computer, so your device again reboots.
  • When it started, you would see the superuser app installed on your app drawer. You can also use the root checker app for your device to check whether your device has been rooted or not.

If you have successfully rooted your Amazon 7 Kindle Fire HD, do let us know by commenting below.

Also, let us know any problem you are facing during the rooting procedure of Kindle Fire HD, and we will try to resolve your issue.

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  1. Did not work. Root program stuc at * daemon started successfully * and I cannot get to the next step of Backup/Restore

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