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What Is The Best VPN App for Android? We Are Testing Rocket VPN

Last Updated On: January 19, 2017
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VPN apps are mostly used when user are concerned about their online privacy. You can make your mobile activities private without worrying about your privacy and allows you to fake being browsing from another country. Hopefully, for Android users, there are some excellent Android VPN apps available that help us to fake our browsing location. The app called as Rocket VPN, let’s try and take a closer look at Rocket VPN app.

Setting up Rocket VPN on Android

First of all, you will need to download Rocket VPN on your Android smartphone. To download any apps from Play store, you just need to search app name in the search bar of play store. Alternatively, you can download Rocket VPN for Android & iOS from here.

Setting up Rocket VPN on Android

When you tap on connection option, it will show you a dialog box asking you to confirm your connection. You need to check I trust this application option to connect your Rocket VPN on your Android. Once connected, you should see compared to United States (or other countries you selected) and disconnect option from there. You can switch to another country while connecting your VPN.

You can always change your browsing regions from the list of countries. To get a faster connection using VPN, you should always connect to the region that is close to your location. However, you can always choose another country if you want some apps to think that you are browsing from that region. When you tap on connect button, you will see an animation of a man playing on the screen. When it gets connected, you will see that man is flying like a rocket.

How VPN helps people

When we are seeing, it gets connected and disconnected, simple right? But in the background, there are a lot of things that are happening. Your browser data is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your ISP is spying on your web activities. You can browse free WiFi networks anywhere using VPN, so you can use the internet without being worried about your online privacy.

Another good thing about VPN is you can bypass geo-restriction. E.g. Browse any geo-restricted website quickly. Suppose you are from America, you can access UK-only BBC iPhayer, Indian users can access US-only services like Netflix and so on. VPN not only helps you to let other track your location, but also the content of your data can’t be either. So you can browse the web anonymously with the support of VPNs.

Rocket VPN Speed Testing

This is the biggest question raised by VPN users. When we use VPN on our computer or mobile, a speed of upload and download gets a little bit down. But when you browse any website using a fast server without encrypting your data, it will get good speed. But VPN encrypts your send and received data; speed may be little lower than usual. However, you will get a secure connection.

I have put this Rocket VPN into a test that how much this rocket VPN affect my uploading and download speed. I have first connected to my WiFi network without VPN and tested speed using speedtest.net Android app. Later I have connected my phone using Rocket VPN and then tested speed again. Below is the result of internet speed without and with using of VPN on Android.

VPN Speed Test

As you can check from the above results, Rocket VPN did slower down speed to a bit. But not too badly. I have tested browsing 720p video on android from youTube and without waiting too long to buffer. I have also checked browsing and reading an article on Chrome without any issues.

While using any VPN on our computer or phone, speed slows down a little bit. But don’t worry about your speed at this point, unless your uploading and download speed is extremely low.

Don’t worry about your speed here. Unless your data speeds are already abysmally slow, Rocket VPN probably isn’t going to have that much of an effect on your speeds.

User Interface & Design

This app is very simple and easy to operate. When you start it, it shows connect-disconnect button along with countries to select. When it gets connected, it shows disconnect button.

Rocket VPN User Interface & Design

Below, you can see the default screen. You have an options button in the top right, and the orange on/off button hovers to the right. It displays your connection status, virtual location, and bandwidth available.

One good thing I have observed with this VPN app is that we can configure a particular app to use specific region. Means if you want your WhatsApp to use United status and Facebook should use your location from Germany, you can do it. Both of the apps will be using your specific country location as VPN. But you must be connected to Rocket VPN to use this feature.


If you think this all feature will cost something, you are right. You will be able to get 245 MB FREE for a month.Previously they were offering 500 MB free data, but they have reduced it to 245 MB only.Which is not much at all, for unlimited monthly data, you will need to create an account with them.

Rocket VPN Unlimited Plan

Their monthly plan cost around $4/month. If you subscribe to three-month plan together, it will cost you around $3/month. If you get the plan for one year, your cost will be reduced up to $2/month approx. Since I am from India, a price was showing up there in Indian currency.

Since they offer FREE data to test their service and app, it is an excellent option for anyone before spending money on VPN. The free version has so many ads but it still worth to try for around $2 for a month. While we pay them, they claim that we will get ad-free version, unlimited bandwidth, and all locations.

What Do You Think?

There is so many VPN service provider out there.However, for Android smartphone users who are looking for simple VPN with the clean user interface with low subscription price, you have got it! Download Rocket VPN using link below.

Download Rocket VPN

We would love to know what you think about that. Are you using VPN? Have you ever tried Rocket VPN? do you recommend it? Share your views in the comment section below with our readers.

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