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There are so many reasons why you are using online maps to track your current location. But you can not always relay on WiFi or mobile network data connection to track your location through your android device. Sometimes if you are in such area that you are not aware of and also network is not there, what will you do? You should go for offline GPS navigation systems.

Offline GPS Map Navigation On Android

RMaps is an on and offline navigation tool that works with:  Google Maps (Incl. Satellite and Terrain) MapQuest Open Street Maps (standard, cycle, transport etc…) Cloudmade Microsoft Maps Yandex (Russia) Freemap (Slovakia) Statkart (Norway) VFR and IFR maps Custom URLs as well as many more.if also includes lots of great features including: search, auto follow, auto rotate, POIs, offline maps, custom maps, compass.

How To Download Google Maps online with RMaps: Offline maps :

Once you download the app from Google Play Store, move the installed app to your SD card.You can start the RMaps : Offline maps on your android and tap on menu/option from there.

Offline GPS Map Navigation On Android

You will see some options on menu. Tap on make available offline, this will let you download map on your device to make it offline and you can access the map wherever required offline.You can download particular part of map or download any city map for offline usage.

After that it will ask you to choose the area in square for making offline. Choose the part of map which you want to make offline and tap on next button.

After that it will show you zoom size with file size for offline map. Choose your required zoom & tap on start download. So that it will automatically download to your SD card as shown in last image. It is recommended that you download zoom with maximum filesize so that whenever you make it zoom, you can see clear image of your map.

RMaps: Offline Maps Features:

  • Access your current location offline.
  • This includes tracking, search, distance and time interval settings, onscreen coordinates, pre-defined map overlays & much more.
  • Free to download and easy to use.
[update] : It seems RMaps has been discontinued from Google Play Store. However here are the best alternatives to RMaps. 1. City Maps2Go , 2 Android Default Offline Map

Last Updated On: March 31, 2016

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  1. Hi

    I have the RMap 0.9.4 version and all works very nice but the search tool. When I try search anything, nothing happen

    Any idea?

  2. It seems to have disappeared from google playstore

  3. Argh!
    I fucking LOVED RMaps, used it at least once a week while I was living in London! Have all sorts of markers set in there.
    Now… not just no update and seems broken (tried to download a map for Vienna but got many, many broken tiles) but even gone from the store?! Well, I’m really happy that I supported it buy buying a pro key -_-

  4. Oh and by the way – I very much doubt that City Maps could be an acceptable replacement, since OpenStreetMap in fact contains less information than Google Maps. At least when I compared the train station at King’s Cross (London) for both. Mostly just a huge block on OSM, Google Maps also maps the inside.

  5. Also, by trying to download Google Maps segments with All-In-One Offline Maps, I discovered what the likely culprit is: “Due to legal issues, this feature is disabled for the following map(s): Google Map”

    Once again, Google Nazis to the rescue!
    It’s quite amazing how quickly Google became a worse company than Microsoft. Even McDonalds starts to look pretty decent in comparison.
    Makes me want to throw my Nexus out the window… had I not bought it relatively recently.

  6. Did you have RMAP’s source code?
    If does, can you send it to my gmail?
    Gmail:[email protected]

  7. rmaps source is available through github and it’s also on fdroid.org (source, apk and store installable for several versions)

    Anyone know why it got pulled from Play? :-s

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