In case you hadn’t noticed, the cost of smartphones has risen significantly during the last 18 months, as the handsets designed by Apple and Samsung inch towards and beyond the £1000 mark. This has emerged at a time when the feature phone market has experienced a pronounced decline, as the market for high-end and evolved hardware continues to increase.

Still, logic would suggest that the cost of smartphones should fall as the underlying technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, but this is been bucked by current trends. This is partially connected to the type of advanced technological components used in premium handsets, of course, with LCD screens being replaced by more costly and superior OLED displays across the board.

Save money when you buy android phone
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Regardless, this means that customers must take a proactive approach to reducing the cost of their next Android smartphone, as they cannot rely on prices to decline at any point in the near-term. In this post, we’ll discuss this in further detail and offer some advice ahead of your next purchase.

Buy Through a Distributor Rather than Manufacturers

When looking to invest in a new handset, it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed by the range of options and choices available on the market. Remember, Android and Apple handsets account for a staggering 95% of the smartphone market, while the former boasts a huge range of choice in terms of different manufacturers and handsets.

If you’re serious about comparing the Android market and saving money, you’re the best bet is to shop through an independent distributor. This entity often offers the best and most competitive deals on the market, while also minimizing up-front costs and delivering monthly tariffs of considerable value.

There’s also a couple of other things to look for in the contemporary market, including cash-back on selected purchases. This instantly rewards you with a fixed cash sum in relation to the value of the handset, which is realized when you complete a purchase or enter into a monthly contract.

Similarly, leading distributors are also offering big data bundles on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, which only increases the value of a specific contract. This can also lead to long-term savings among customers, as a large data bundle minimizes the risk that you’ll exceed your monthly allowance and incur additional charges.

Consider the Merit of Feature Phones and Mid-range Smartphones

While the demand for feature phones has declined while the premium end of the market has grown exponentially, the range of choice available in the sector has never been more varied.

This is particularly true in relation to price, with Android boasting the best feature phones on the market and a high volume of mid-range smartphones as well. So, depending on your usage and behavior as a consumer, you may be able to save considerable sums of money when buying a new smartphone.

Remember, the evolution of mobile technology has impacted every segment of the smartphone market, meaning that budget handsets are no longer defined by poor resolution screens, plastic frames and a minimal amount of storage. Instead, they boast exceptional designs and high resolution, LCD displays, along with slim and elegant frames that replicate even the most premium mobiles.

The standard-bearer for high quality, mid-range smartphones is the OnePlus 5T. This handset can be purchased for between £300 and £400 on the current market, and despite this, it boasts a premium specification and some dedicated gaming features. It is therefore capable of providing huge value money, so you should consider expanding your search beyond premium smartphones if you’re serious about saving money.

Choose the Right Level of Internal Storage

When you’re comparing the Android market online, your attention will probably be drawn the main specifications. It’s also important to appraise the internal storage options associated with each handset, however, as your choice will have a direct impact on how much you spend.

Typically, Android smartphones can be purchased with 64GB or 128GB of internal storage (although a select few are choosing to follow the example of the iPhone X by offering a 256GB option). In the case of premium smartphones such as the Galaxy S8, the 128GB handset can cost around £100 more than a 64GB alternative, so making an informed decision can help you to save money and achieve value for money. In simple terms, a 64GB handset is more than adequate for basic users who like to make calls, browse the web and game occasionally. However, if you have a penchant for streaming videos and enjoy regular gaming activity, your experience may be more enjoyable with a 128GB option.

In truth, however, we believe that a 64GB handset is more than suitable for the average smartphone user, and selecting this option can help you to save considerable amounts of money (depending on the precise mobile that you choose). This is an important consideration and one that so many customers overlook in a crowded marketplace.