The Redmi K20 has not received a specific release date by the company. However, information about the specifications and design of the upcoming smartphone are being released daily. Redmi’s official Weibo account recently released the images of the upcoming Redmi K20’s retail box. Images of the official case design and other merchandise were also shared by the same account. Among these details, the official case stood out as it confirmed new details about the K20.

Let’s take a look at the official retail box for the upcoming smartphone first. It has been designed with a contrasting color scheme where two primary colors will go side by side. The lid of the box is black while the whole case itself is purple. Under the retail box, there is an illustration of the Redmi K20 demon king. The image is basically a dinosaur-like creature spitting a firebolt. Below the illustration, the initials “K20” are printed.

Redmi K20 Case Renders Reveal

Now that we have seen the retail box, let’s talk about the official case. It follows the same purple theme as the retail box but without any presence of the black. The case also has the illustration of the Redmi K20 demon king on the bottom of its rear side. This illustration, however, is not accompanied by any “K20” initials. In the center of the case, there is a long vertical cutout for the camera setup of the smartphone.

Redmi K20 Official Case

This is particularly a surprise because every other leaked or rumored render we have seen about the K20 so far has shown that the cameras at the rear of the smartphone will be placed vertically on the left side of the back of the phone, unlike the story told by this case design. This single image has rejected almost every leak related to the Redmi K20’s design.

The K20 was rumored to be coming with triple camera setup and the case cutout confirms that too. The cutout only has space for three sensors and an LED flash. This also led us to believe that the Redmi K20 will not come with a fingerprint scanner at the back. Interestingly, no cutout can be seen for the fingerprint scanner on the sides of the case either. Due to this, many people are sure that the k20 will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner. For an in-display fingerprint scanner, Redmi will need an OLED display, so that’s confirmed too.

You can also see that the power button and the volume control buttons are on the right side of the case. The Weibo account also showed merchandise for the Redmi K20’s marketing and promotional campaigns. Redmi might be giving away these branded t-shirts to lucky fans.

The Redmi K20 is set to launch in China and then travel to India, competing in the core markets of the new OnePlus 7 series. The K20 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, pop-up selfie camera, and a triple camera set up at the back.

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