If you have deleted your Android device’s contact accidentally and now you want to recover from your smartphone, then don’t worry. Here, in this guide, we have mentioned the complete details about how to you can easily recover your deleted contacts from your Android device without any problem.

On the internet, there is plenty of highly advanced software available, but choosing the best data recovery software is not too easy. But here, we have mentioned the Dr.fone android data recovery tool that enables you to recover your all deleted data from your android device without any issue.

How To Recover Deleted Contact From Samsung Note 8

The Dr.fone is the most popular and well knows data recovery software or app that enables you to recover all kinds of data from your Android, iOS, and Windows device. Here, below we have listed a few simple steps that you can follow to recover deleted contacts from your any Android mobile phone.

How To Recover Deleted Contact From Samsung Note 8

Step 1: First of all, Download and install the dr.fone application on your computer, then Launch dr.fone on your computer. After you open the dr.fone application on your PC, click on the “Recover.” 

Download and install the dr.fone application
Now, you have to connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB cable. And make sure that you have enabled the USB debugging feature on your Android smartphone that you want to use to recover contact.

USB debugging
Now, wait a few seconds so that dr.fone can easily connect to your Android device. After your device is connected successfully to your computer, you can see the “Connected” message on the dr.fone screen.

Step 2: After you connect your Android device to your PC successfully, the dr. fone will show you all the files types that can be recovered from your smartphone, then you have to select the file type that you want to recover from your smartphone.

connect Android to PC
(e.g., You have to recover Contact from your Android device, then you have to check the box next to contact and uncheck all the boxes except contact) After you select the file type that you want to recover, then you can click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Step 3: On the next screen, you have to click on the “Start” button so that dr.fone can start analyzing your Android device and make sure that your Android phone has at least 20% battery before starting the process.
root Android device automatically
Note: This process will root your Android device automatically during the process. Once the recovery process is completed, your device will automatically go back to the normal (Unroot) status.

Dr.Fone Analyzing process
The Analyzing process to recover will take a few minutes. During the analyzing process, your Android device will be restarted several times so please don’t disconnect your device.

Step 4: When the dr.fone completes the analyzing process on your Android device, you can see all scanned data one by one. Once you see your scanned data then check the items you want to recover and then click the “Recover” button.

Dr.Fone Recover Releted Contact

Now, you can easily save your all recovered data on your computer.

We have used Wondershare software to recover contacts on an Android smartphone which is available for FREE download for trial. You can go for the premium version if you need more features. It also helps you in rooting your smartphone, Backup and restore or Unlock smartphones.

Do let us know which tool or method do you use to recover your deleted contacts from your smartphone? Share your views in the comments below.

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