How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Want to know how to record phone calls on iPhone ? Check out this article to get best call recording apps for iPhone device.

Sometimes the conversation of two peoples is a powerful and dominant proof to give someone confidence. Sometimes, if you want to hear the old conversation, which done on mobile. Then for that, it is a must that your mobile is having the feature of call recording. Nowadays, most of the smartphone devices are coming with a feature of automatic call recording.

If you are having a recorded calls on your phone, it will be a proof and sometimes in legal matter, it will be more useful. There is also some call recording apps are available for Android powered devices. But, there is also some iPhone users have a question that How to record phone calls on iPhone ?! Now, do not worry about that, because we have the solution for it.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Yes, exactly, we have the solution for your query. As a solution, we have recommended three apps which work very well with your iPhone device. By using the apps, you can easily download the calls on your iPhone mobiles.So, now here we are going to write about the apps which can easily record the calls and is useful for iPhone devices.

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1.) Google Voice:

The Google Voice is the simplest tool to recording the calls on iPhone devices. It is readily available at the iTunes store. The downloaded and installed charge of this app is zero. It works well with all iOS powered devices. To install this app on your iPhone device, first of all, follow the instruction comes on the screen. Then, visit the official web page of Google and sign into your Google account, to create an account.Google Voice app

After completing above steps, make log into the account on the website. Then go to the Settings > Calls Tab > Call options. Now here, check the box to enable the recording of calls. Now, all calls will be going to record by just pressing 4 on your device keyboard.

If you don’t want to record the calls, then you can stop it by pressing 4 from a keyboard. This Google Voice app is designed by the most trusted search engine Google. By using this app, you can also send free SMS within the US.

Features of the Google Voice App:

  • Freely available at the iTunes store
  • Compatible with all the iOS powered devices
  • Automatically call recording feature

Download Google Voice from iTunes – Apple

2.) Call Recorder App:

The another suitable call recording app for iOS powered devices is Call Recorder app. For users simplicity of use, this call recording app is available with the various option of languages. The languages like English, French, Arabic, German and more.Call Recorder App

This application will allow you to record the calls and also disable the recordings. All the conversations as a call recording are automatically saved in your device. When you want to hear it, you can easily listen to the conversations as recorded files.

Features of the Call Recorder App:

  • Available with the various option of languages such as English, German, etc.
  • Perfect app to record the calls on iPhone device
  • All the recorded files saved automatically in device

Download Call Recorder for iPhone.

3.) TapeACall Pro App:

how to record phone calls on iphone
TapeACall Pro App

The TapeACall Pro is one of the suitable apps to record the calls. This app is also available in various languages like Czech, Arabic, Slovak, Romanian and much more. By using this TapeACall Pro app, you can record both incoming as well as outgoing calls.

You can also share the recorded files to an external device. All the files which have been recorded, are saved in the device securely. All files are also shareable via email and other sharing apps.

By using this app, you can record the calls without any limitations of time. The app comes with easy user interface and is easy to use.

Features of the TapeACall Pro App:

  • Available in various languages
  • Can record both outgoing and incoming calls as well
  • Essy sharing of recorded files via email and others
  • Record the calls without any limitations of time
  • Smooth UI and easy to use

Download TapACall Pro from iTune Store

Now, the discussion about the How to record phone calls on iPhone ?! As a solution, we recommended the Call Recording apps suitable for iPhone and also for iOS powered devices. Here, we have listed three call recording app, to record the calls easily. These three apps are only for iPhone users, if you are using Android based smartphones, you can check out best call recorder for android from here.

But, if any Android powered device users want to use these apps, then they can do it. Because, all three apps are also available at the Google Play Store, only for Android users.

Last Updated On: December 30, 2016

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