Are you planning to root your android smartphone? If yes, then don’t proceed without knowing these five reasons not to root your Android device.

Who doesn’t want to make most out of their Android smartphone? There are so many ways to boost the flexibility and functionality of a smartphone. However, many users prefer to root their device to get the best performance and functionality.

Well, not everyone is convinced with the idea of rooting android phone. The reason is that the stock Android experience is much satisfying in its own right. However, if you’re one of those users who is planning to root their device, here a few reasons to not root Android devices.

5 Reasons You Should Not Root Android Devices

Here a few key points that will explain you why you should not root your smartphone to get better performance and functionality. Read on the below portions to know them and proceed accordingly.

Rooting Android Means Voiding Warranty

Rooting Android Means Voiding Warranty

One of the essential thing that you must know is that you will void the device warranty by rooting it. Therefore, it’s always recommended by some Android manufacturers not to root devices. Well, there are manufacturers like Poco, Xiaomi, Google, OnePlus etc. that allow users to unlock the bootloader of the respective device and root them with the official recommend methods. Still, there are manufacturers like Huawei and RealMe that voids the warranty as soon as you root their device.

Overall, if you’ve bought your smartphone recently, and it’s under warranty cover, you should not root it at any cost. Also, there are a few ways to unroot your device layer. But, it’s illegal to root an Android device in some countries.

You Might End Up Bricking Your Android Device

You Might End Up Bricking Your Android Device

Don’t know what Brick stands for? Well, it’s the condition of a smartphone that can’t be used anymore. It’s like a dead smartphone.

It happens mostly during rooting due to creeping up of the android’s software. Actually, the android gets stuck in the bootloop or doesn’t boot at all. That’s the condition sometimes arises by Root action and is called Bricking of an Android device.

However, the internet is flooded with lots of guides on how to unbrick your smartphone, but none of them guaranteed to work. Therefore, it’s better to avoid the hassle and do not root android device.

You Should Not Root Android Because It’s Complicated

You Should Not Root Android Because It's Complicated

One of the most significant issues that users face is finding the right android rooting approach. There are many ways, but no universal way to root every phone smartphone.

However, there are some apps that claim to root android with just one or a few clicks, but they fail to work most time. Therefore, it’s vital that you follow precise instructions when rooting your android else you will brick your device.

Overall, the entire rooting process is overwhelming. So, it’s better to use stock android and not root android.

Do Not Root Android Or You Will Get Security Threats

Do Not Root Android Or You Will Get Security Threats

No doubt that rooting brings the entirely new world of tweaks. However, you should also know that it brings a lot of security threats too.

Actually, rooting can expose your smartphone and all your essential data to harmful and malicious applications.

Furthermore, by rooting your smartphone, you break the Google SafetyNet. It works by Play Services and allows Android developers to know the health of your android smartphone and whether it’s rooted or not

Do Not Root Android Or You Won’t Receive Any Official OTA Updates

Do Not Root Android Or You Won't Receive Any Official OTA Updates

Yes, that’s another reason why you should not root android. Fact is, most rooted Android devices don’t receive any official OTA Updates from the manufacturer. Therefore, in other words, your device won’t get any Security patches in the future.

This is specifically true for people who want to enhance the functionality and performance of their device by rooting it. So, if you want to get regular OTA updates as soon as new Android version arrives, you should not root your smartphones.


So, those are some of the key reasons why you should not root your smartphone. We hope these reasons will help you make an appropriate decision on whether you should root your smartphone or not. So, that’s all for now. Do follow us to read more such amazing posts and articles.

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