Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG MOBO) has recently announced the release date for PUBG Mobo Update 0.11.5 Android. The update will be available from March 20th for both iOS and Android smartphones. Furthermore, the players are going to get some fantastic feature and facilities with this new update. Also, this update will bring prime and prime+ subscriptions, dynamic weather for both Miramar and erangel, a new RP and rank season. Additionally, Tencent might change the way how players earn items by implementing the new “earn voucher” system.

“The size of PUBG Mobo Update 0.11.5 is supposed to be same as for its beta version, that’s about 1.75Gb file size on Android smartphones.”

PUBG Mobo Update 0.11.5 Android Releasing On 20th March New Features, Weapons, And Vehicle

Everything New In PUBG Mobo Update 0.11.5 Android

Here are some of the best features PubG players are going to get with this new update from 20th March onwards…

  • Players will be able to explore rankings of the entire region and their friend directly from the RP page.  
  • Players with Elite Plus Subscription will now get extra rewards besides gaining +25 ranks instantly. Also, the weekly challenges will now offer more reward points. Additionally, the players can collect point rewards with just one click.
  • PubG’s anniversary birthday parties will be held on spawn Island onwards. Players will be able to light fireworks and earn crates during the playtime. Later, the crates can be opened to collect the anniversary rewards.
“Pro Tip: Some randomly spawned cakes will be there in the matches with some great surprises.”
  • Get ready to experience the dynamic weather in Miramar and Erangel map.
  • PUBG Mobo Update 0.11.5 comes with a new rifle (G36C). However, this gun can be found in the Vikendi map only. Also, it can fire 5.56mm and is the replacement for SCAL-R in the map.
  • A new three-wheel vehicle “Tukshai” is going to replace the Dacia, Jeep, and bus in Sanhok map.

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PBG MOBO is undoubtedly the best android game developed so far. We hope the PUBG Mobo Update 0.11.5 and these features will surely take the thrill and in-game experience to the next level.

So, it worth the waiting and let’s see what other changes this giant mobile gaming platform brings.

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