Is your PS5 controller not charging? You can’t use your PS5 controller enough because of the low battery? One of the most frequently asked questions by a controller user in recent times. We’ve come up with a brief overview of this problem, including steps you can take to resolve it.

The PlayStation 5 is the latest generation video game console developed by the multinational company Sony. Like the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 has been designed with many advanced features. Players ask many questions about it, but some users have many problems with the PS5 controller.

PS5 Controller Not Charging

It loads games faster, has higher-quality video and 3D audio, etc., than previous consoles. Additionally, it supports all PlayStation video games. It also includes many advanced features like online chat, a connected headset, USB Type-C cable for charging, etc.

Despite its many advantages, the PS5 has some issues that get the user in trouble. In recent times, the most searched term on search engines related to this PS5 controller is how to fix the PS5 controller not charging problem.

But some PS5 users have problems with their controllers. There can be many reasons for this, the most common of which is the problem of charging cables. There may also be a problem with the console’s USB port, and your PS5 controller is not charging even if it is trapped in dust and dirt. Any of the above issues can cause your PS5 controller to get charged.

You should read our article below to learn more about this PS5 controller problem and solution.

PS5 Controller Not Charging

USB Cable is Defective

USB Cable is Defective

First, check your USB Type-C cable. If you find it damaged, buy a branded USB cable. After purchasing the cable, try using it to connect the PS5 control to your PC, and you can charge it without any problem.

Damaged Battery

Damaged Battery

Check its battery if the PS5 controller is not charging or turning on. If the battery is discharged, charge it, and if it is damaged, you need to buy a new battery.

The PS5 controller not charging can be fixed even if you reset the PS5 controller.

PS5 Controller Does Not Charge in Rest Mode

Try plugging the charging cable into a different USB port and checking if the controller is charging or not charging.

Then your charging cable may have a problem. If your Sony’s PS5 controller battery has some issues, it will show this problem. So, contact Sony’s technical team for further support.

USB Ports Have Dirt

USB Ports Have Dirt

One of the reasons why the PS5 controller does not charge is that the USB controller will not charge properly if there is dust in the USB port.

If there is dirt and dust in the PS5’s USB port, you should clean the USB port whenever possible.

Defective Controller

If the controller has internal damage, it will not work perfectly, and it can also cause for PS5 controller not to charge.

The damage can be a product or physical. You should contact Sony, which will solve your problem.

Take The Necessary Steps To Resolve The Issue

Check Your USB Charging Cable

First, you need to check if the USB cable is working properly as improper USB cable use can lead to this problem. Try using another USB cable to ensure the problem is with your USB cable.

If the PlayStation 5 controller is fully charged, your USB cable is not working. If the PS5 controller not charging problem also occurs with other charging cables, go for the following methods.

Test Your PS5 Controller

Suppose any one of the above problems is in your PS5 controller. So first, check that there is no problem with your device. For that, you connect your controller to another device like PC or PS 5. If your controller works with both PC and PS5 consoles, it means your console has a problem.

If the PS5 Controller Not charging problem also happens to you and this trick does not work, you can use another trick.

Reset Your PS5 Controller

If your PS5 controller does not even charge your laptop, PC, and other PS5 consoles, your controller must be hard reset.

Below are simple steps to reset your PS5 controller, which will not cause any further problems and eliminate the ps5 controller not charging. First, you need to connect a USB cable to your controller.

Step 1: First, flip your dual sense to see the back of it.

Step 2: Now, you can see a small hole in the very front of the Sony logo.

Step 3: Use the SIM card ejector pin to press the reset button.

Step 4: Hold it for about 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 5: Now, you can see the message “Your controller is disconnected” on your console screen.

Thus, after resetting your PS5 controller, check whether the charging problem is resolved or still exists.

Hard Reset Your PS5 Console

If none of the above methods fix your PS5 controller’s charging problem, you can hard reset your PS5 console. A hard reset will erase and restore all your data, so you must save each data to HDD or some other safe place before performing a hard reset.

It will completely erase all your data and restore the default settings. So, before you reset your console, save the data to your external HDD or someone else.

Step 1: First, turn off your PS5 controller.

Step 2: Then press the power button and then hold down the button until you hear a beep.

Step 3: Hold your DualSense with a PS5 console using a USB cable.

Step 4: Press the PS button to boot your console into safe mode.

Step 5: Turn off your PlayStation 5.

Step 6: Click on the hard reset option.

Now, check if the PS5 controller is fully charged or if a similar problem exists.

Install The Firmware Updates

You know, many bugs are out there, including PlayStation 5. Even if you don’t update it with newer versions, you still must deal with issues like the PS5 controller not charging. So, it is essential to update your PS5 controller.

So, update both your PS5 controller and DualSense / PS5, controller.

Whenever you boot your PS5, it will show update notifications on the main screen. If you see any update alert, update it immediately. If you then choose the option of updating later, then you will go through the following madness.

Step 1: First, save each of your data.

Step 2: Now restart your PS5 console.
Step 3: Click “Settings” across the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Select the system and click on system software.

Step 5: You must select the system software update and setting.

Step 6: Select the update system software option.

Step 7: Update your PS5 console using the internet or from a USB drive.

Step 8: Click on the update option. If it shows any signs, then go through them to complete the process.

Within a short time, it completes the download and installs process.

Now read below to update the PS5 controller.

You cannot update the PS5 controller immediately after the PS Console update function. It will not pop up any message, and you must wait 24 hours for it. Then you can update it. Now will solve your PS5 controller not charging problem.

Final Words

To sum up, the PlayStation 5 controller is a wonderful device for playing our favorite video games on our PS5 consoles. With advanced sound and video effects, we can play with more fun and enjoyment.

When your PS5 controller is not charging, you can use the methods discussed in this guide. We have described the steps so that even a beginner can easily understand them.
But if, after using the above method, the problem does not come up, then you should contact Sony Support.

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