Are you worried about your privacy while browsing through public WiFi networks? You can try your hands on some VPNs that allow you to secure access without being concerned about privacy. Sometimes while downloading apps from play store, some apps show that this app is not available in your country. You can also use VPN at that time to download apps that are not available in your country.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to use Private Internet Access Android app. We will explain complete details about how to connect to the private internet access android app.

How to Use Private Internet Access on Android

  • Download private internet access Android app from play store
  • Log in with your user id and password

Private Internet Access

You will see disconnected button at the center of the screen. Just below that, you will see the validity of your account. We have activated 30 days for this and 29 is the validity seen in the app.

Just below validity, there is current region option, which we can use to get IP from any other location. After that, there is original IP and present IP. Original IP is your existing IP address provided by your internet service provider. Current IP will be based on the reason you chose. This is the IP provided by your VPN.

But when you tap on disconnected option, it will ask your confirmation as shown in the image above.  It will ask you Connection request. PIA VPN wants to setup a VPN connection that allows it to monitor network traffic. Only accept if you trust the traffic. The key icon will be seen on the top of your screen when VPN is active. Tap on the OK button to activate VPN on your mobile.

VPN Private Internet Access

After you authorize that app, it will show authenticating as status. Once connected, it will show connected to VPN as status and also displays you your new IP. You can also check “what is my IP address” keyword without coma in Google from your browser to verify it.

You will see your current IP will be different from your original IP address. Now suppose you want to browse from another country like the USA, Canada or Australia. You just need to tap on a current region and it will display a list of countries to select from. By default, it will set as an automatic, but you can choose your favorite country to browse from.

To configure Private Internet access is quite easy as there are not many configurations needed. You just need to add your login ID and password and this app will take care rest thing. One more interesting thing we found in this app is PIA MACE. This option means that they will block ads, trackers, and malware while browsing when you are connected to VPN.


We have tested this ad blocking option from our end. To my surprise, most of the ads we have browsed from some sites were blocked. However some ads are still shown. It’s not

It’s not powerful ad blocker tool, but block most of the ads on the page. An example of blocked ads has shown below; we see only blank box instead of ad shown on any page.

private internet

Few other option that is available in setting, we have mentioned below.

Block local Network – This option will disable sharing your device’s file on local or shared network

Use TCP/UDP – You can quickly switch from TCP to UDP or UDP to TCP. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol& UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. Both TCP & UDP work at transport layer TCP/IP model and both have very different usage.

Remote Port – This port is set to auto by default. You can also select 1194, 8080, 9201 and 53 as a remote port to access your VPN.

Local Port – You can also use random local port to access your VPN

Internet Kill Switch – When this activated, a client will not allow unencrypted web traffic when VPN is connected.

Request Port Forwarding – This will allow incoming connection to your mobile device over an external port.

Use Small Packets – This will slightly lower IP packet size to improve compatibility with some routers & mobile networks.

It also has encryption option that allows you to switch data encryption from AES 128 to AES 256. Same thing for data authentication, you can change from or to SH1 to SHA256 or vice-versa. There is one more option that helps you to connect your VPN automatically when your phone starts.

Per-App Setting – We have found is that you can disable VPN access for some apps. So you can easily prevent any app that you don’t want to use VPN.

Are you already using this app? Share your experience in the comment section below.