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The Most Popular Casual Games to Play on Android

Last Updated On: January 19, 2017
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Smartphones have brought a series of major changes into our lives, but one of the biggest of them all was their changing the way we relate to gaming. The “personal screen” – a term used in stats to describe smartphones and tablets – has become the most used for gaming, and the casual game has become the most popular game category ever, attracting millions of players, and generating millions in revenues for publishers. Below you’ll find the most popular casual games you can play on your Android smartphone.

Slot machines

The story of the slot machine is one of massive success. Invented more than 120 years ago, it has first invaded the casinos of Las Vegas, then slowly found its way to the internet. Since 1994, when the first true online casino was launched, it has become a game played by millions all over the world. Its popularity is confirmed by the numbers: All Slots Australian online casino has more than 600 slot machines in its offer, with new games added to its library each month. Most All Slots games run either through the casino’s downloadable suite, while a large number of its games are also available on mobile. Today, the All Slots Mobile has the largest individual slot machine offer, with over 100 titles to try. All the games at the All Slots can be played either free, after registering a new All Slots account, or for real, across all major gaming platforms.

Social slots, such as Slotomania or Big Fish Casino, are constantly among the most played games at both major app marketplaces.

“Match 3” games

Candy Crush Saga is perhaps the most popular individual mobile game ever created. It’s fun, it’s addictive, and it’s very easy to learn. Candy Crush and its sequels are constantly among the top 10 downloaded, played, and grossing mobile games both on Android and iOS, turning them into a real success story for King. They have also inspired game designers to create a series of “clones”, with varying success.

Puzzle games

Puzzles are, without a doubt, among the most popular games you can play on your smartphone. Their nature makes them perfect for these devices – they are simple to control, and don’t require too many hardware resources to run. The history of iOS and Android has seen several quite successful puzzle games, from 2048 to Cut the Rope, making them another one of the most played game category on smartphones.

+1 – “Artillery” games

All eras had their favorite “artillery” games. Back at the dawn of the PC gaming era we’ve had Scorched Earth, followed by the long-lasting success of Worms. The genre was revived in the age of smartphones with Angry Birds, Rovio’s massive hit (which has also inspired a cartoon series and a CGI feature film). Angry Birds was an unexpected success, and has turned “artillery” games (which are perfect for smartphones) into a big hit once again.

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