All the smartphone device comes with the lock facility to keep the device secure from others. All the users are also using various types of lock like PIN lock, Pattern lock, or more. Also of that, the latest smartphone comes with the Sensor look like a fingerprint sensor. However, there are also some apps are available, which are also useful to keep your device secure. The Perfect AppLock (App Protector) App is also one of them. But, some users have a query that How to Use Perfect App Lock? So, for that kind of users, we are going to discuss this app in briefly.

So, look at the discussion and enhance the security of your device by using this app.

How To Use Perfect AppLock (App Protector) App?

The Perfect AppLock is one of the classic apps to keep your device secure by locking it. By using this app, you can lock almost all the app, whether it is pre-installed apps or download apps. Such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail, Camera, Gallery, Settings, and more apps. With the help of this app, you can lock the apps with the four types of lock. The locks are PIN lock, Pattern lock, Password lock, and Gesture lock or Fingerprint lock.

Perfect App Lock (App Protector) App

This App Protector app will efficiently manage brightness of the screen for the different apps. This app will automatically prevent screen rotation of the every app. If someone tries to open the lock, the after the three failed attempt, the camera takes a screenshot of the screen. By using this app, you can also lock incoming and outgoing calls, app installs and uninstall. To increase the security of the apps, the app displays a fake error message when the app is launched.

perfect applock android app

In short, to keep your device secure, you can try out Perfect AppLock (App Protector) app for Android. It is compatible with most of the Android-based smartphones. It is having the good user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Play store. Download Perfect AppLock app from the play store link below.

Are you using any other app lock on your smartphone to prevent unauthorised access? Do share your favourite app lock app?