The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the most expensive Galaxy devices in the US. If we look at the final price, it is around $549.99. With this final purchase rate, it was expected to have an Oreo update in it as quickly as possible in the US. However, it offers previous latest Android OS 7.0. This is why the users want to have a latest Android version update in it. And, finally, the Oreo Update in Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in the US is to be done.

Oreo Update in Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in the US

Before the USA users receive the Oreo update, the UK users have caught for the same device. Samsung has launched the same update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for the UK users before the US. As we know all the OS update brings something exciting for the users, the Oreo update also maintains the same tradition.

The most importantly, with the Software update, you will also have Samsung Experience 9.0. The Samsung Experience 9.0 will let you have more fun by using the additional Google and Samsung features. The update is up to of 1.2 GB size. With its bigger size, you may have to wait for longer. So, it is essential to download the update whenever you have enough time. For being uninterrupted, you can also choose overnight update option. Before you go with the update, it is beneficial if you take backup of all stored data.

So, do not miss the Oreo update all the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 users in the US. It will definitely bring something that you always wanted to have.

Image Credit – Pixabay
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