Yesterday, Opera Android announced that it is going to offer free VPN Protection to all users. The latest updated opera android browser will feature an in-built VPN. Well, it’s an expanded service made available last month for beta mobile users.

Furthermore, all the latest android smartphones and tablets running on Android 5.1 or above will be able to enjoy this free VPN Protection from Opera. Also, the opera browser app is already launched today in the Google Play Store.

Opera for Android Now Comes With Free VPN Protection

It will be really exciting to see how this new VPN Protection from opera will work in Android smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, this VPN will utilize a 256-bit encryption system to protect the user’s data. Also, it will hide the user’s location by connecting to different world servers.

Well, there is no official statement regarding VPN locations, but the previous Opera beta version allowed users to select servers manually. However, the auto server selection mode is also there.

Opera has promised it won’t store any user activity logs, and therefore it won’t allow anyone to identify the user based on his internet activity.

If you’re not familiar with VPN and its benefits, the below sections will help you know all the basic facts.

What’s The VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network mainly boosts online security and user privacy. VPN can help you access everything on the internet anonymously and privately by manipulating the IP address.

In other words, VPN actually works to establish a connection to the other country’s IP addresses to secure your connection and privacy. So, VPN can be your best friend if you want to skip any country or region-specific restrictions on Netflix, YouTube, BBC or other streaming platforms.

5 Key Benefits Associated With The Use Of Opera Android VPN

There are so many useful features and benefits that VPN offers. However, here are a few key benefits that impress every internet user. So, with a VPN-enabled browser, like Opera Android browser;

  • You can access and stream all internet content no matter where you’re and what your location is.
  • VPN can hide your IP address and identity to skip any kind of restrictions.
  • You will be able to connect and use public WiFi networks safely and securely.
  • VPN will keep all your private searches private forever.
  • With a VPN-enabled browser, you can download and share files more safely.
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