Making calls and receive calls is one of the primary functions can be performed using mobile. But, for the making of calls cost you with the certain price to deduct. We all know various SIM companies provide some best plans for the calls. But, what if you can make calls using the internet service that you are using at home? It can be possible through VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. To have further details on it, here we will compare Two major names in VoIP Service, Ooma vs magicJack.

Ooma vs magicJack

Due to the simplicity of use of both this services, people have always compared these two companies. Alongside, both of them provide similar features and that’s why people get always confused to choose the one.

Ooma vs magicJack

So, to know more about both the VoIP service provider, let us go through some detailed info.

Before knowing about VoIP service provider, let us discuss on VoIP first. The VoIP holds for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it is the phone service based on the internet. That means, the calls via VoIP travels through the internet unlike the traditional traveling over the landlines or towers.

While using the VoIP, first of all, you have to go through its setup similar to the landline setup. To use the same service on the smartphone, you need to install VoIP App. Through the Data connection and Wi-Fi connection, you can make the VoIP calls. You can also enjoy some features like other traditional phone services.

Now, let us have a ride over the quick comparison of Ooma vs magicJack.

What is Ooma?

As we have discussed earlier, the Ooma is a Publicly Traded Telecommunications Company offers VoIP calling. However, it offers phones for homes and small businesses which uses VoIP feature. The Ooma has also offered such advanced cloud-based features that have a capability to convert the normal phone into a smartphone.

Alongside, you will also get some of the security features from the Ooma. The headquarter of the Ooma is constructed in Silicon Valley, California.

Ooma Telo

To enable the Ooma service at your home, you need to purchase the Ooma Telo. The Ooma Telo is a device that will play a significant role to route the calls. Simply, it is a device that connects your ordinary phone to the internet connection.

The Ooma Telo comes with an adapter that needs to plug into the internet connection and phone. With this, you can call anyone within US and Canada. It also works well with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories

What is magicJack?

The magicJack is the device comes with a USB Plug to connect with a computer. The old version of the magicJack can only be plugged-in to the PC. But, in the case of magicJack Plus, you can directly connect it to the Router. The magicJack Plus also has a standard port in which any standard telephone can easily be connected. Using the magicJack, the user can make unlimited calls within US and Canada.

magicJack Plus

With the magicJack Plus, a user will have two options to connect it. At the front, you will have a USB Port to establish the direct connection with the PC. Except for this, at the end of the device, you will have two ports.

One is to make the direct connection between the Modem and the other one is to connect the telephone (Standard RJ-11 port). After doing all these formalities, do not forget to insert the magicJack Plus into the power plug. Then, after waiting for a while, you can make calls without any hesitation.

The Headquarter of the magicJack is located at Florida. It also offers a wide range of equipment such as MagicApp, MagicJackGo, and magicJack EXPRESS.

Features of the Ooma

In terms of features, you will have with Ooma are Voicemail, Caller ID, and 911 Services. All these services can be used by the Ooma users with free of cost.

Asides it, Ooma lets you allow to call two people at the same time called Virtual Second Line feature. In addition to that, the Premier Ooma Plan offers supplementary features as three-way calling, voicemail forwarding, and transfer of the existing number. Except for this, there is also an Ooma App for both, Android and iOS users to do not let you miss any calls.

Ooma Tello Setup

As well as, the Ooma allows its user to make unlimited calls even without paying. The Ooma provides the superb call quality while making and receiving calls.

It can easily be compatible with all landline phones. With the Ooma subscription, you can get a new number. Or else, you can port your existing number by paying some amount.

Features of the magicJack

The magicJack can easily work with PC and Modem with the magicJack Plus. Like Ooma, magicJack can also let you make unlimited calls within US and Canada. It offers features like Call waiting, 3-Way Calling, Caller ID, Call forwarding, Voicemail, and Voicemail to Email.


You can also use the Emergency 911 service. If you do not want to change the existing number, then you can make porting it. The charge for porting is quite less than Ooma.

Lacks of Ooma

As the VoIP is totally dependent on the internet, so the internet speed always plays a major role. Also of that, many users have complained that the echoing service is quite weak for Ooma. We have discussed many features of Ooma in the above section.

But sadly, many of them you can use only by purchasing the Premier Ooma Plan. Also, the physical structure is quite larger when it is compared to the magicJack. So, it might not be possible to travel with the Ooma equipment.

The initial price of the Ooma Equipment is also higher than the magicJack. Besides it, the customer service is not remarkable.

Lacks of magicJack

When it comes to the lacks of the magicJack, you might find lesser than the above one. The voice quality of the magicJack is not as good as Ooma. Asides it, in features, we have mentioned the porting price of the magicJack is lesser than the Ooma. But, that price is only for the first year since the date of porting the number.

To make the continuous use of it, you will have to pay some amount year-by-year. Some active users of the magicJack have also reported about the technical issues when it comes to frequent connection.

One of the same things we can say that as a drawback of both the services is the Customer Service.

Now, we are coming on to the main point about both the VoIP service providers and that is Cost. It is the main factor that affects everyone when it comes to money.

How much does the Ooma and Ooma Plan cost?

To utilize the Ooma features, you will have to purchase an equipment named as Ooma Telo. The hardware of the device will be purchased at the $100 price. Or sometimes, it may available with lesser price than that. And, for the Premier Service, it costs you $9.99 per month. With the subscription of the premier Service, you will be able to use additional services of the Ooma. The price of the Ooma Telo with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter would be different at around $150.

Also of that, you will have to pay the taxes and regulatory fees at costs of around $3.5. For the porting of the number, it costs you around $40.

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How much does the magicJack and magicJack Plan cost?

Again, to use the magicJack services, you need magicJack adapter. The cost of the magicJack Plus would be around of $50. Alongside, it offers a free service of six months. To save more money, you can subscribe to a 5-year service plan.

If you do so, then the one year cost will be around of $20. And, when if you do not subscribe to that service, then you have to pay $30 per year. You will also have pay taxes amount as $2.5 which is lesser than the Oomas cost.

While the cost of porting the number will be around $20.

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Now, the main confusion is a conclusion. Which VoIP Provider is the best to choose? If we look at the price, the magicJack will win. On the other hand, if we look at the services and features, none can match the Ooma. So, it’s a big confusion to choose the best one for utilizing VoIP.

So, go with the Ooma when the price does not matter to you. On the other side, go with the magicJack when service does not matter to you. But, keep one thing in mind that both this VoIP Service Provider are best at their own.

In the end, we hope that this guide will be helpful to you to understand the VoIP service and its providers. If it is, also share it with the others who badly need it.

Do also let us know which one is the best for you and why? Alongside it, do not forget to let us know your views, suggestions, and opinions regarding this guide.

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