Are you a OnePlus 5 or 5T user? If yes, are you really pleased with the Premium OnePlus device? Majorly, the answer to the second question would definitely be Yes. Who would not be pleased with the smartphone which offers some classic features? Now, all the OnePlus 5/5T users get ready for the new feature if you are eligible for OxygenOS Open Beta.

The latest software update for OxygenOS Open Beta will bring some of the exciting features for your OnePlus 5/5T smartphones. The software update is already rolling out for all the devices. So, check out of you get the software update.

Open Beta Update for OP5-5T

In terms of the features that the latest update offers, you can have many features in all the aspects of the device. But, the Portrait Mode for Front Facing Camera is quite something that many users actually wants to have. After updating the software, enjoy portrait clicking with Front Camera including other eye-pleasing effects.

Also, the update will fix the call recording issue for the Indian users. For the note, you can have New OxygenOS UI. Asides it, you will have an improved way to share the notes as an image.

You can read the full changelog of the OxygenOS Open Beta Software Update on
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