In the ongoing IT tradeshow event, Computex 2018 has much interesting news to be shared. From the main stage, one of the famous SoC manufacturers, Qualcomm has announced another computing platform in terms of Snapdragon 850. Previously, the Qualcomm had also unveiled the Snapdragon 835 computing platform with Microsoft Laptop device. That Microsoft device is powered by the Windows 10 and is a first device which has a feature of Always Connected PC.

Now, as a successor to Snapdragon 835, the Snapdragon 850 has been announced in Computex 2018. A recently launched platform brings many exciting features including what we have seen in Microsoft Windows 10 Laptop device. The Snapdragon 850 platform likely to use only in Windows 10 devices. However, we all have also witnessed a Snapdragon 845 chip that is used for high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9. But, you will never find these Snapdragon 830 and Snapdragon 850 in any smartphones.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850

The Snapdragon 850 will offer features like we are using in the smartphone over the years. One of the most existing features of the chip is that it has an ability to Always Connected PCs. That means the Laptop device will always be connected to the LTE connection. Although, the device will have a higher battery backup like a smartphone. And, keep in mind that this chip is only suitable for the Laptop devices only.

Now, an another most exciting news coming from the Computex 2018 is the Qualcomm has also got their first customer for the new chip. From the stage where the new Snapdragon chip has announced, the Samsung has also announced a Laptop which will be powered by Snapdragon 850. But unhappily, there is no more announcement has done regarding the other features and release date. Likely, this Samsung Laptop may come later on this year.

Despite from not making other announcements, the Snapdragon 850 will come with a custom octa-core Kryo chip. The GPU will be the Adreno 630. The Qualcomm has also stated that the performance of the device will also improve up to 30% than Snapdragon 835. Irrespective of the 835 LTE speed of 1 GBPS, the 850 will have a noticeable improvement. Likely, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 platform will be offering 1.2 GBPS LTE speed. All the laptops which are powered by Snapdragon 850 will also have the capability of clicking the 4K matters.

So, it will be an exceptional bond for all the IT lovers to see the exciting combination of these major companies. In very nearer future, we will be witnessed for a high-end Laptop.

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