Tablets have now become part of our life because it allows us to work on the go. The presentation can also be completed with the help of a tablet and it also helps in displaying the figures on the big screen through a USB cable. Students are using it, businessmen are using it and almost everybody needs a tablet nowadays.

So overall it has been a perfect companion for people who have been looking for an option that will allow them to enjoy everything on a bigger screen than that of their smartphone counterparts. As the name suggests, Neutab N9 is 9 Inch Android Tablet PC that is Tablets that you would love to have.

NeuTab N9 Tablet Details

NeuTab N9 9'' Dual Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat 8GB Tablet PC

Earlier, the main issue with the tablets was that they were unable to make or receive calls, but nowadays the tablets that come into the market make it a point to have this facility. Therefore now the tablets are a complete package so if you invest in a tablet then you can enjoy everything on a bigger screen that is flexible enough to move along with you. NeuTab N9 is a budget tablet that is the best tablet under 100 dollar price range.

It comes with all the features that are required for you to operate smoothly with steady battery life.

Design and Display

If you are sitting idle and want to watch a movie or play a game, then this Best 9 Inch Tablet will be just perfect for you. The display is amazing and that is the reason you will enjoy your browsing session along with image viewing and watching a movie with your friend will be a trouble-free experience for you. The color and sharpness are good enough to come up with an excellent picture effect.

The multi-touch screen comes with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels. When you are sharing some piece of information in a group then some of your friends might find it difficult to view it properly because of the restricted viewing angle.

Now, most tabs or smartphones make it a point to provide a wide viewing angle to ensure that you get the maximum out of the tab, but this one lags behind in this section from its competitors.

NeuTab N9

This black color tab is powered by the most recent operating system of Android 4.4 KitKat and comes with a Rock chip dual-core processor. The CPU is highly power-efficient, in fact, it is almost 130% swifter than the Allwinner A20.

At such a low price the company is providing a quad-core processor, which really speeds up everything on the tablet and makes the working experience on this tab a better one. Due to the low resolution, the graphics quality is not that high but that doesn’t mean you have a very poor show instead it gives quite a decent display.


You will have to do with 512 MB of memory and 8 GB of storage, which is impressive keeping in mind the low price. In case you want to enjoy some more space then you can make use of an external MicroSD card to extend the storage up to 32GB.


Most tabs run out of battery within 2 -3 hours of operation, but you can check NeuTab N9 Review for its NeuTab N9 battery life.

It has surprised everybody by staying as long as 4 – 5 hours without charging. If you are not using the tab extensively then the battery will last for almost 8 hours.


It also comes with a dual-camera similar to the Nexus 9 Tablet so you will be able to enjoy video calling from your tab at any point in time. You will be able to shoot a video or click an image from the tab quite easily.


If you have been a fan of Google Apps and Games then there is good news for you because this tab comes pre-loaded with the Google Play store so that you can download all the games starting from Candy Crush Saga to Subway Surfers and Angry Birds.

It only weighs around 15 ounces, so you will not feel that you are holding anything heavy in your hand. You will get a USB charging cable in the box along with the adapter.

Wrap Up

People who are looking for a tablet that works really well, have a really long battery life, and is quite affordable too can go for this tab.

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