As we look up all the current Data plans, all the mobile service provider companies provide a minimum of 1 GB of data use per day. All this facility of using more data is the pure blessings of 4G connectivity. Since the 4G come, Reliance JIO has clinched the market with Free Data Usage.

My Data Manager - Control Data Usage On Android 2.2 & Above

After that, all the 4G Service providers are following in the footsteps of JIO. But, although having 1 GB per day, for many smartphone users is not enough. So, to rack the data usage and manage well, here we have found a great app called My Data Manager.

My Data Manager – Control Data Usage on Android Devices

Since the Android OS version 4.0 launched, all the devices have an inbuilt Control Data Usage Limit option. However, if we are talking about today’s scenario, now Google is working on launching Android OS 9.

Although, there are some devices that might not have an option to control data usage. But, now, with the My Data Manager app, every smartphone would have a Control Data Usage Limit option.

This data managing app will help you to monitor your mobile data. Also, you can control your data from the Wi-Fi network and roaming. Here, we will mention the process of setting up the My Data Manager app on your Android device.

  1. Download My Data Manager Android app from the Google Play Store. Then, Install it on your phone.
  2. You will be asked to set your data plan as soon as you open this app. Here, you can also set the shared data plan. Also, it lets you set the data renewal period monthly or according to your data plan activation date.
  3. Turn off the unlimited tab and set the data limit in MB or GB according to your plan.

After setting it up, let us look at this app’s functions.

  • First of all, as per the internet plan data limit you have set in an earlier stage, it shows the Plan Summary. Along with the Data summary, it also displays the Voice call minutes and Text message tracker. By visiting, you can get an idea of how many minutes or text messages are left for a particular plan.
  • You can also check out the usage of the data per day. For that, the app offers a permanent notification that always stays on the main screen. While in some of the devices, you can find it in the notification bar.
  • Aside from it, you can also look at how much data each app has used.

How To Set up My Data Manager app on your android device

  • To let you know that you are going to run low on the data, you can set the alarm to get notified. It will help you to reduce your bill amount as well as the use of excessive data after reaching the limit. It also lets you set the custom alarm as per your requirement.
  • When it comes to Shared Plan, you can also have a clue which device has used more data.
  • It also displays the history of the data you have used over the span of 3 hours. You can also set from Day, Week, and Month options to have the perfect history.

How To Set up My Data Manager app on your android device (2)If you have already used 1 GB of data out of your 2 GB data plan, you can set the already used data in that plan. So, it will set the only remaining data in the. If you are using a prepaid connection, it allows you to set the data cycle.

You can set the alarm as the notification tone to notify you when the specified data limit has been reached. Similar to Default Android Settings, there is also an option that shows data used by specific Android apps.

My Data Manager Android App Features:

  • Set data plan limit on almost all Android devices running on OS 2.2 & above.
  • Monitor your android data usage from a Wi-Fi network, Mobile network, or Roaming network.
  • Shows data usage on the notification bar.
  • Track the Voice Call Minutes and Text Messages
  • Set the Alarm to let yourself know you have reached the specified limit.
  • Check the data usage in a shared plan.
  • Get the data usage history by the device in the form of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

Want to download this android app from the Play Store? Check out below for a direct download link.

My Data Manager: Data Usage
My Data Manager: Data Usage

Nowadays, many mobile phones come with default data limit options, allowing users to set data limits on their mobile phones without any additional apps. If you still need a little bit more advanced options, you can try this app.

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