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My Data Manager – Control Data Usage On Android 2.2 & Above

Last Updated On: January 30, 2015

As we all know that android 4.0.x version has built in option in setting menu to control data usage limit from mobile device.I was recently asked by one of our reader Viky Sadhu asking that it was all about android 4.0.x version but what about android version 2.2 and above. I had tried lots of tricks on my friends device and found nothing however I found one great app for android that lets you to control data usage on your device.

An android app called My data manager available to download on Google Play Store. It will helps you not only monitor your mobile device data, but you can also control your data from WiFi network as well as when you are on roaming.

How To Set up My Data Manager app on your android device:

1.Download My Data Manager Android app from Google play Store.Install it on your android tablet.
2.Open My data manager app from your android device and you will see screen as that is shown on 1st image above.
3.Tap on the place where you see tap to set plan.You will see 4th image like screen on your device. Set data renewal period as month or according to your data plan activation date.
4.Turn off the unlimited tab at the bottom and set data limit in MB/GB according to your plan.

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If you have already used 1 GB data out of your 2GB data plan, you can set the already used data in that plan.So that it will cut data out of your 2 GB and gives you notification on correct time.

If you are using prepaid connection, set the data cycle.You can set upto 3 alarm as notification tone.So it will notify you when specified data limit has been reached.General setting include notification, status bar icon, enable data message etc. You can add this backup setting to your SD card when you are about to format your device. So that you can later restore those data from your SD card.Similar to android default version setting 4.0.x there is also option that shows data used by specific android apps.

My Data Manager android app features:

  • Set data plan limit on almost all android device from 2.2 & above.
  • Monitor your android data usage from WiFi network, mobile network or roaming network.
  • Shows data usage on notification bar.
  • Data manager widget available in 2×1,3×1,4×1 format.
  • On Samsung tablet, you can see tabled layout of this app.
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