How to Import All Contacts From vcf File to LG Optimus 5

Recently we have discussed how to importing/exporting contacts on Android device. Now a problem with LG Optimus 5 is that whenever we try to import vcf backup file to the phone, it only allows selecting ten contacts at a time.How to import all contact from backup to LG Optimus 5?

How to Import All Contacts From vcf File to LG Optimus 5

Here are few steps that may help you to import/export all contacts on LG Optimus 5:

  • First of all, export your all contact to SD card from your device if you don’t have already. Once you have exported the VCF file on your device SD card, transfer vcf backup file to your PC using a PC sync program/cable.
  • Then download LG PC Suite IV at and install it on the PC. Run the program and connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Now you need to select the contacts icon and then go to the Menu.
  • After that go to file and then import and choose the CSV file saved on the PC.
  • If the fields in the imported CSV file are different from the ones in LG suite IV, you need to map the fields. After mapping the fields, Click OK and the contacts will be added to the PC.
  • When the connection of LG-P350 phone is detected by LG PC Suite IV, click on “sync” or “sync contacts” to synchronise the contacts saved in the PC to your phone and save them.
  • Done! Now all your contacts have been transferred to your LG Optimus 5.

Once you setup everything, and after importing all contacts, we recommend you install  GCloud backup on your LG Optimus 5, that will easily backup your all contacts on cloud, and you can easily restore it whenever necessary.

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Last Updated On: February 18, 2017

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