Have you ever thought you can manage your android device through your computer? Well, if you are thinking about Android PC suit or something like that like Best Android Manager for PC, we will recommend you MobileGo for Android. we have tried to install MobileGo from our end and checked how well it performs. Hence we have tried to enlist few of the interesting features and MobileGo for Android Review here in below post.

It helps not only in capturing screenshot but We can manage SD card content , back upYbackupand restore your entire Android smartphone through this MobileGo for Windows. MobiileGo has an interesting feature that allows you to find duplicate contacts from your device and help you to merge all duplicate content from your android device.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android- Android PC suits
MobileGo for Android Free Download

You can connect your Android device either with WiFi or with cable connection, both working fine for me.Like Symbian PC suits, you can send, receive or read SMS from MobileGo software.If you have any downloaded android apk file and you want to install it on your device, you can easily install it via the MobileGo application.

You can manage your SD card contents directly from WiFi or cable connection.It also installs the mobilego android app on your device that helps you to connect your device via WiFi. There is a special section called more tools, that includes basic tools and advanced tools. Advanced tools come for pro version only while you can use basic tools with free version on MobileGo.

With basic tools, you can manage SD card, Backup, Restore, Send SMS, Import music, find duplicate contacts, Install apk apps, Phone transfer etc. With the help of Wondershare Mobile Transfer option, you will be able to transfer data like call log, contacts and SMS messages to another android device easily.Here are few of interesting features of Wondershare mentioned below.

Send Text from Computer – You can write, and send text messages directly from your computer when your smartphone is connected to Wondershare Mobile Transfer software.

Transfer content between two device – You can easily transfer content from one smartphone to another smartphone easily using this software.

Transfer content from iPhone to Android
mobilego for pc

E.g. If you were using Apple iPhone previously and recently started using an android device, you can easily use this software to Transfer content from iPhone to Android.

Backup & Restore – Using this option, you will be able to backup your data from one device and restore on any other device using the wondershare software.

Wondershare data recovery feature
Data Recovery & Phone transfer option

Using this option, you will be able to use data recovery option to recover lost contacts, text messages and pictures and much more. Phone Transfer option allows you to transfer data to any device regardless of device model or network easily.

One click backup option allows you to backup all data from your smartphone, one click root option lets you root your smartphone device quickly.

Capturing Screenshot – Using Screenshot button, you can directly capture a screenshot of current windows of your smartphone device. You can also capture screenshot on your device using power button + Volume down button, sometimes menu button+ volume down button depending on device’s configuration.

Manage Apps from Computer – Using this feature, you can easily install, remove or uninstall any unwanted apps from your device.

Manage & de-duplicate contact – Using manage and de-duplicate contact, you will be able to look for all duplicate contacts with phone number, email address appears on your screen for review.

Free Android Manager for Windows
Free Android Manager for Windows

You can select and remove or merge your duplicate contact directly from this software.

Powerful File Manager for Android – Using file manager feature, you can easily move, edit or modify any files directly from your computer.

One-Click Root feature (for Android only) – Using this feature, you are able to bypass root access restriction on your device. For this, you can connect your smartphone using WiFi or cable depending on your convenient. This enables you freedom with your Android device when installing certain programs & versions of the operating system.

Data Recovery – Data recovery feature help you to recover your lost data during a software update, malicious attack or simply deleted something by accident, MobileGo Data Recovery can recover any data that has not yet been overwritten by continued use after the incident.

Space Saver – Space saver feature optimize your data files and storage, It works in a similar way as that of clean master for android.

Pro version of the MobileGo contains convert & import music, Videos, import outlook contacts to an android device, contact export contacts to outlook express, Import and export windows mail contacts, import & export music to and from iTunes easily.

MobileGo Features:

  • You can connect your Android device to PC with WiFi connection or directly through cable connection.
  • Manage SD card, Backup, Restore, Send SMS, Import music, find duplicate contacts, Install apk apps, Phone transfer etc.
  • Software available for Windows, Mac.
  • Capture screenshot of your android device screen.
  • Send, receive SMS messages directly from your PC when your device is connected to PC.
  • Install android apps directly from PC.
  • Backup and restore your android phones data without worrying about losing it.

You can download MobileGo @ Wondershare


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