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Do you love hiking or biking? We have found a great outdoor GPS navigation app for your Android smartphone. Yes, it’s Locus Map, which helps you in your travelling in an efficient manner. Locus Map provides you various kinds of navigation maps on your smartphone or tablet. If you love hiking or cycling, this would be one of the best outdoor navigation apps for you. It offers you nautical charts or town plans, and yes, you will know your precise GPS coordination, that where you are currently standing on earth.

Offline Maps is one of the best features that every biker want. As Internet connection is not available everywhere. However, if you have downloaded maps locally on your smartphone, it would be easier for your to move around that place.

When you download Locus Map from real-time play store, you will see this app interface as shown below. You can see your current location on a map and zoom in and zoom out depending on your convenient.

Locus Map Overview

Locus Map has a lot of options to configure. Some of the important function is Maps, Search, Points, import data, Tracks and track recording. You can even install addons with this app, to use it like a pro. We have found few best add-ons as shown below.

Geocaching4Locus – you can download and import geocache from geocaching.com website.
FieldNotes – Add-ons for advanced work with offline geocache logs
GeoGet database – Addons for displaying and importing geocache from GSAK database
GSAK database – Import geocache from GSAK database
Solver – Easy multicache solving and updating coordinates on your map
New Cache Point – you can create new geocaching points with your GC code
Satellite Images – You can download satellite map pictures of geocache areas
GpsTrace – Addons displaying GPS transmitter location data on map
Pebble – Show map information on your Pebble smartwatch
Parcel Info – Best addons to access to Czech land registry and parcel search
HS-CAT – Addons for searching browsing and displaying of maps/spatial data/geo data
Contacts – Helps you to view phone contacts on map
Smartwatch 2 – Locus Map extension for your Sony Smartwatch 2 wearable devices

Locus Map Compass

Also, another great feature of this app is a compass. You can turn on location to view your current location with coordinates. Compass has few more option to manage this app. Like Bluetooth manager, altitude manager, GPS & location, Sensors, system settings, etc.  You can also check out few more interesting function of Locus Map below.

Locus Maps

What we have found after using this Locus Map app on Android is we don’t need multiple apps for outdoor navigation. All we need to do is just install this app and get multi-functional outdoor navigation app on your phone. It’s all in one app for this purpose.

Some of other features of this app are Tracks & Routes that helps you to record your tracks and store their status on your phone. This app also helps you to plan your workout roots and trips. The good thing about this is you can import or export tracks and routes into various formats like KML, KMZ, GPX, etc. You can also use this app with a run keeper, GPSies, Google Earth or freelogbook.bz websites.

Points of interest let you create your point database. However, you can also import/export POIs in many formats. Geocaching allows you to download geocaches to your mobile using an addon. Navigation and guidance help you to turn-by-turn voice navigation with a support of offline routing services. Live tracking allows you to share your realtime position with your friends and family members.

Few More features of Locus Map:

  • Know your coordinates and position on online or offline map of your choice
  • You can record your outdoor trips & workouts
  • Helps you while travelling to any tourist destination
  • Assists in planning your geocaching hunt
  • You can easily find, locate address and natural landmarks
  • Download offline maps to your mobile easily for free or with the lowest pricing

You can download this useful app from below.

Are you already using this app? Share your feedback and review regarding this app in the comment section below.