Do you love to watch cricket matches on TV, smartphones? Well, we came up with an option of Livecricketstreaming solution for you that help you to watch live match score on any smartphones.

As we know that most of the person in the World are interested in watching live cricket. All of them are watching mostly all the Cricket matches scores on a cricketinfo website. Mostly people are watching Cricket on television. But sometimes because of some problems, we might miss cricket match at once. So, here we are coming to get rid of your problem.

Yes, we have that solution of your problem, by which you never miss the enjoyment of watching a cricket match. But, for the solution, you must have a smartphone device. Here, we will discuss that how to watch live cricket matches on your smartphone device. You don’t need any live cricket streaming sites to use this service.

There are also some apps are recommended by various sources, by which you can also watch live cricket matches. But, we have that solution by which you can easily watch the cricket. Here, we will discuss the solution in step by step instructions. Now, take a look at it.

How to Watch Live Cricket Matches on Any Phones:

  • First of all, open the internet browser that you have stored on your smartphone device.
  • Then in search panel of that browser, search the site which is named as “” Go to that site by hit ‘Search’ or ‘Go.’


  • Now, the one display is opened in which you can clearly see the options of matches, which are running at that time.
  • The form that, select an option of match that you want to watch live.

Live Cricket Streaming 1

  • After selecting the match, one another display come for you. That display is about of the video quality.
  • You can select the video quality as Low, Medium and High.

Live cricket Streaming 2

  • After selecting the proper option of video quality, now it takes a little bit of time for loading or buffering.
  • If once loading is completed, you are done and you can enjoy the Live Cricket Match.

Live cricket streaming 3

If once you have completed all the steps mentioned above correctly, you can easily watch live cricket match on your device. But, one important thing that you have to keep in mind is that this process will consume your mobile data if you are not using Wi-Fi connection. We hope that by above discussion you can quickly take enjoyment of Cricket matches.

Check below video about Livecricketstreaming on any smartphone for FREE.