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Live Wallpapers App For Android – Day Night Wallpaper

Last Updated On: November 7, 2016

Are you looking for live wallpapers for your android smartphones or tablet device? Recently we have tried one app for live wallpapers and found it very useful, that we would like to share a review of. One of the things that impressed me most about this app is the birds! There are very interactive, you can tap on them to make them change direction or make the chirp sound. I enjoyed tapping left and right to contain them on the screen. When we touch them, they flew away. Also, you can make those birds sound while you touch them from the setting.

Live Wallpapers App For Android

You might have seen other live wallpapers consumes more battery of your smartphone. But this live wallpaper has an option to reduce battery consuming. It will reduce animation when your battery is low so that your smartphone can live longer than usual.

The trees are also a great feature of this interactive wallpaper. You can drag the branches to sway them and make leaves fall. Once in a while, I got a nice surprise when I see little birds flying out of the trees when I dragged to shake it. If you ever get bored of the trees, you can switch the scene to wind turbines. Like everything else on this wallpaper, the turbines are fully interactable. You can drag the blade to pause it or make it go faster.

One little surprise from the app was the birds message. The next morning after I started using the app, the birds started to form some text on the sky, greeting me with “Good Morning”!  Same way deers are also running time to time from left to right or right to left depending on what we have configured from the setting.

This live day night wallpaper app will automatically switch among 5 skies throughout the day. However, you will need to grant permission to access your location. So that this app will detect correct daytime, however, you can also add manual time for displaying each sky.

Among the five different skies for the day, I really like the starry night sky. Its design style is a mix of fantasy and realism, with a dreamy shade of turquoise color and a collection of sparking stars, shooting stars, and the moon. The moon is not only for aesthetics: you can set the moon shape to reflect the battery level, or the current shape of the moon in real life. While we really liked the way it looks, we found the moon shape not very precise sometimes when compared with the real-life moon. This is something the developer can improve on.

Live Wallpapers For Android

Another good effect of this live wallpaper is parallax effect that also helps you to scroll wallpaper with the home screen. Snow falling is a separate option that you can enable or disable. Snow falls according to the orientation of the device’s’ accelerometer sensor. You can tap on each snowflake to dissolve it.

If you are longing for an early winter, there is an option to turn on the snow. It can be set to fall according to the accelerometer’s readings, which is an interesting feature to play with. We also found that you can tap on the snow flakes to make them dissolve in the sky, which was hardly a surprise given the amount of interactivity the developer has put into this app. And like everything else, the snow is fully customizable with various options.

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) Full Specification

  • The interactive hill silhouette scene
  • Tree swinging and swaying when you drag them.
  • Flying interactive birds flew away on touching them
  • Greeting morning and night message with birds, flying birds after tapping on them
  • Windmill scene, rotating blades can rotate upon touching them
  • Deer running on the hill

You can download this useful day night live wallpaper from below.

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)

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