For a long time, it was rumoring that LG making a smartphone with 3 Rear Cameras. Now, the LG has made this rumor a real one. Also, it has unveiled the launch date of its next smartphone featuring 3 Rear Cameras. This smartphone will come with a title tag of LG V40 ThinQ.

LG V40 ThinQ

The LG has unveiled a launching date event for two venues, the USA and South Korea. For the USA, the launching event will be held in New York on 3rd October. Right after a day, on 4th October, the same launching will be organized in Seoul, South Korea.

In a new video uploaded by the LG, it is clearly seen that the device will blow away everyone with its multiple rear cameras. Except for this device, the Google has already revealed the launching event for its forthcoming device Pixel 3. Google’s launching event will also take place in the New York, USA on 9th October.

In short, LG wants to grab everyone’s attention towards them before releasing the mighty Google-owned mobile. So, it will be exciting to see who will succeed to clinch the attention of the World.

To have the better understanding, no other ways rather than waiting till the launch. Till then, for which device are you excited?

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