As a smartphone user, we all wanted to have more battery life to enjoy the features more. But, we know that some of the latest apps and features are the juicer which drains the maximum battery power. DU Battery Saver - Best Android Battery Optimizer ToolSo, what should be the weapon to fight against the faster battery drain? Du Battery Saver is an ultimate Android Battery Optimizer Tool. It is a power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. It provides the best actions to reduce the battery drain on the device.

DU Battery Saver – Best Android Battery Optimizer Tool

The DU Battery Saver is full-featured with the smart functions. It automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components. So, to extend your smartphones battery life, this app needs to have on your device. You can download DU Battery Saver from Google Play Store with free of cost. It offers superb conformability with all your Android-powered smart devices.

Now, let us take a look at what this DU Battery Saver can do for your Android device.

The DU Battery Saver app will show the remaining battery percentage along with the temperature of the CPU. According to the battery percentage, it also displays the time left in terms of hours and minutes.

To optimize and save the battery, just tap on Optimize option. As you tap on it, it will start to scan the power consuming apps. Then, it will extend the battery time. It will also save some specific battery time with an Advanced saving by stopping the background actions of the apps. This app contains ad in-between.

DU Battery Saver - Best Android Battery Optimizer Tool
As we are using the Android app continuously on the device, it will heat up the system. To make it cool down and improve the performance, there is Phone Cooler option in it. It will scan the current CPU Status and it will cool up the system easily.

It also gives you an idea of which app plays a major role in heating up the device. You can also have a Healthy Battery Charge option to keep the battery healthy. It comes with three options Fast charge, Full Charge, and Trickle Charge. You can also scan the battery details with this option.

DU Battery Saver - Best Android Battery Optimizer Tool

The Trash Cleaner option will remove and clean out all the trash from the system. Also, it demonstrates apps name which contains the trash memory. You can also have different modes to save up the battery.

It includes Prolong Mode, General Mode, and Sleep Mode. Except for this, you can also add your custom mode. With this Battery Optimization Tool, you can protect your all the installed apps.

DU Battery Saver App Features

  • Easy to use, Powerful, Smart & available free on Google Play Store.
  • Fully-loaded with the Smart Functions.
  • Well Presented Battery Info like percentage, temperature, and left time.
  • Easy Optimization of the Battery.
  • Cool up the device with Phone Cooler.
  • Keep Battery Healthy with Fast charge, Full Charge, and Trickle Charge options.
  • Trash Remover with a single tap.
  • Different Battery Modes like Prolong Mode, General Mode, Sleep Mode, and Custom Mode.
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You can download this android app from below.

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