If you are looking for Amazon coupons code for electronics item, we got a deal for you. The deal is for Invons earbuds that you can get for 25% OFF from the original price when you use provided Amazon coupon.

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INVONS Earbuds Features

Sound Quality – Its sound quality is very good, you will get 2 tiny earbuds signal mode that can play music on both of them at the same time.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Another thing about connectivity is it offers a long range of Bluetooth connection. It can support up to 10M long-distance signal transport that is a perfect fit for wireless player equipment like Android, Apple, Computer, TV etc.

Battery – It comes with 320 mAh battery capacity lithium battery box. You can get 2.5 hours of playback time and 20+ hours standby time with this portable earbuds.

Design – It has been designed with current fashion trends so it looks like an artwork.

You can add 3 years or 4-year protection for this earbud by adding few more bucks at the time of checkout.

Using INVONS Earbuds

To start, you should press and hold multi-function key until you see LED notification light blinking in red and blue color.

To turn off these earbuds, you should long press the multi-function key, until you see LED notification light turn off.

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