Import/Export Contacts From vcf File to LG Optimus Black

Most of the time when we change the cellphone or format the device, we loose all contacts from our device. We can backup all contacts by using various android apps like Super backup,  GCloud backup or using android PC managers like Moborobo or MobileGo. If we have backup of our contacts or everything, we would not have to fear when we resetting android device.So in this tutorial We would learn how to backup and restore contacts on LG Optimus Black.

How To Export Contacts on LG Optimus Black:

First of all, if you already using LG Optimus Black and saved all contacts on device, you need to back up on your SD card.So follow the steps to back up your android contacts on your device’s SD card.

Backing up contacts on LG Optimus Black

First of all, go to contact, Press option button & Click on backup, export option there.It will ask you whether you want to backup your contacts on SIM card or memory card. Choose the preferable place, we would recommend you to save it on SD card as SIM card has low space and can not store more contacts on it.

Once you choose the option either SIM card or SD card, it will just confirm you for backup. Tap on OK, it will start backing up all contacts as vcf file on your SD card.

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How To Import Contacts on LG Optimus Black:

To import vcf file contacts in android phone, you can directly go to contact menu, press option button.Choose import contact button. it will ask you whether you want to import contacts from SIM card or SD card. Choose where your vcf file located, & it will search vcf file from your location.

Importing Android contacts

Next it will ask you where you want to import all contacts. Choose preferred location on your device and it will start importing contacts from vcf file.

Importing contacts

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Last Updated On: October 26, 2014

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  1. We bought an LG Optimus L5.we transferred the vcf file and it saved to memory when we import to phone,it only allows to select 10 contacts at a to import all?

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