We all know that Huawei is in uncertain waters after its business with key U.S tech companies shut off. It was revealed that Huawei is going to launch its own OS with a different name in the global market. The HongMeng OS will be named Ark OS for global markets. Now, many Chinese sources are saying that Huawei will launch devices with Ark OS in the coming October. The claim was first issued by Guo Mingxi, a renowned analyst from Tianfeng International. Mingxi says that Huawei will launch this year’s smartphones with Ark OS during Fall 2019.

However, not all Huawei smartphones will come with the new OS, especially not the flagships. The Mate 30 series will reportedly still come with Google’s proprietary OS and services. It’s a smart decision because the Mate 30 is extremely popular and has generated a lot of revenue for Huawei. It seems fair that Huawei is not willing to risk the sales of the Mate 30 by installing a new OS in it. As long as Huawei has the license to use Google’s software, it will play safe as long as the Mate 30 is concerned.

Huawei Hongmeng OS
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This points to the fact that entry-level and mid-range smartphones will feature the Ark OS. This will help Huawei in popularizing the new operating system as well as determine what was loved by the consumers and what could be improved in the future. After all, Ark OS is a strange OS for us consumers and it will take some time to take off.

Google’s New Nemesis

However, Ark OS isn’t an unmatched opponent for Google either. Multiple reports suggest that the Ark OS is an extremely fast and powerful operating system which will give Google Android a hard time if Huawei plays the right moves in distributing it. Global Times reports that the new operating system was built by a collaboration of Huawei and Tencent while top Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Vivo were present to test the new OS. Global Times says that Ark OS was about 60% faster than Google’s champion.

While that is a huge difference, it is not uncommon for companies to oversell their products to journalists. Regardless of that, if Ark OS is even slightly faster than Google Android, it would make a huge difference in the global smartphone industry. As far as we know, Google has a serious monopoly in the smartphone industry except for Apple’s products. The success of another smartphone operating system could change the whole industry as we know it.

It is being expected that the new operating system will only appear in the Chinese market first. The main reason for this is that the international audience’s requirement will not be met with the initial releases. However, once Huawei has developed an ecosystem, we could see the Mate 30 and P40 series with Ark OS.

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