Heard about Huawei P30 Pro’s Time-Of-Flight camera feature? Want to know what it is and why do you need this feature? Here will explain to you everything in this post. So, read this post till the end to know all the facts related to this new smartphone feature.

Huawei P30 Pro’s Time-Of-Flight Camera Feature Explained!

Huawei has recently released its new smartphone model P30 pro. Like Huawei’s previous launches, this smartphone is going to be the next photography focused smartphone with some new features including Time-Of-Flight camera.

Well, it’s not something new to smartphone technology. It has already appeared earlier on some handsets like Honor View 20, Oppo RX17 and others. However, Huawei P30 pro is one of the biggest names in this list that will have this ToF camera feature. Also, it’s not going to stop with Huawei P30 pro either.

According to experts, the upcoming iPhone and Samsung S10 5G model will also have a Time-Of-Flight Camera feature. Well, time will tell whether these are just rumors or these giant smartphone companies will even start featuring this ToF camera.

Most Android smartphone users have no idea what this feature is and what’s the reason behind its existence.

So, don’t worry, because here we are going to help you know everything and answer all the questions striking your mind. So, let’s find everything out in below sections and learn what ToF camera is.

What’s Actually ToF (Time-Of-Flight Camera) Is?

You can consider it a light sonar version. The camera works to shoot out the infrared rays, which then bounces off the target objects, and get back to the hardware. After that, the application measures the overall time taken by light to exit the camera and get back to it. So, thanks to this time gap, the ToF creates a 3D map of the target space. So, that’s what the Huawei P30 Pro’s Time-Of-Flight camera feature is going to be. Also, you can consider ToF camera as depth sensors for better understanding. If still not clear, the below section will surely help you understand ToF more clearly.

Is Huawei P30 Pro’s Time-Of-Flight Camera Feature Something New?

Not, that’s not true. Many companies have been using ToF in their hardware. For example, the 2nd gen of Microsoft’s Kinect 2 Xbox One uses this feature. So, No- ToF is not something new to this world.

But yes, it’s something new to the smartphone industry. So, you can consider Time-Of-Flight camera as a technological advancement which has made it possible to pack this kind of hardware in smartphones.

Do You Seriously Need This Feature On Your Smartphone?

As said earlier, one can consider ToF as a depth sensor. So, when it comes to smartphones, there can be two purposes of having it, and that’s for AR or photography.

With Huawei P30 Pro’s Time-Of-Flight camera, you will be able to separate or sort different objects with ease. For instance, suppose you’re taking a selfie with your friend, and a group of people is standing behind you. So, In this case, the ToF camera can actually recognize that your friend is not part of the people’s group behind you. Furthermore, ToF will also enhance the bokeh-effect on the smartphone.

The primary motive here is to offer users better control over how the target object of any photograph is displayed.

Let’s Wait For The Results Of P30 Pro, and We May Also Show Your Real Demo Of This Camera Feature…

So, that’s the brief overview of Huawei P30 Pro’s Time-Of-Flight camera and how it will make a difference to it after launch. So, that’s for now. Thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal.com Stay Tuned !

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