If you are looking for backup of your smartphone, HTC has a great app for your HTC android smartphone. HTC Backup for HTC One allows you to backup and store your HTC phone’s app and settings on cloud.HTC Backup is the simplest and most convenient way to protect and preserve the unique HTC One experience you create for yourself. When you reset, replace or upgrade your phone, you will be able to quickly recover your apps and settings.

HTC Backup for HTC One App - Best HTC Backup Solution

You can set turn on automatic backup on your HTC smartphone, so whenever your device connects to the internet using WiFi network, your phone’s setting would be automatically backup on the cloud. You can also take backup of your phone’s setting over WiFi or mobile network manually.

You can take backup of HTC smartphones and following backup settings are included in the backup that can be retrieved when needed.

*Home screen – app shortcuts and widget layouts
*BlinkFeed categories
*Sense TV remotes and viewing preferences
*Social network accounts & passwords – Flickr, LinkedIn
*Mail accounts & passwords – Exchange, Hotmail, POP/IMAP
*Evernote account & password for HTC Notes sync
*Personal dictionary
*Weather and world clock cities
*Wi-Fi networks

You can also To turn on automatic backup or start a restore, tap the HTC Backup icon. To change backup settings or start a manual backup, open Settings > Backup & Reset. Interesting thing is HTC Backup android app uses Dropbox to store your phone’s settings in the cloud. Your settings are further protected with your Facebook, or a separate HTC Account username and password as per your requirement.

Right now HTC Backup Software for android does not support photos, videos, music or documents but expected to have this features in it to be GCloud backup like app. That was launched with similar features before and right now providing more interesting features to users. If HTC backup app has this features, it would be officially backup solution for all HTC smartphones users.  However Dropbox and Google+ are the best options to backup and store photos, videos, musics and other documents on cloud.


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