Sometimes you need to talk someone urgently but you have insufficient balance on your SIM card and you won’t be able to call him/her. But now you don’t have to worry about it. Because in this article, we have mentioned about how to take loan talktime on any Airtel Prepaid number from using the USSD codes services. If you have recently owned the Airtel Prepaid Sim connection and you don’t know how to take advanced talktime loan on any Airtel Prepaid number then don’t worry. Here we have mentioned competed guide which you can follow to take advanced talktime loan on your Airtel Prepaid number.

how to take loan in airtelHow To Take a Loan in Airtel

Now a day’s almost all telecommunication service providers offers an advanced talk time load facility to their customers. If someone has not able to recharge their mobile and balance gets over then that place the advanced talk time load facility is help you to get talk time loan on your mobile. And the mobile user can take the advanced talktime loan on their mobile in any emergency conditions. So, if you have Airtel prepaid connection and want to know about how to take advanced talk time loan from Airtel then use below-mentioned USSD codes to take an advanced talktime loan of Rs 10, 20, and 30.

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Airtel Sim card advanced talk time load USSD Code:

If your Airtel Number Account balance is less than RS 5 and want to take advanced talk time load on the same Airtel number then you just need to open your mobile phone dialer, after that just type *141*10# then press the call button to send advanced talk time load request.

This blog gives some latest Airtel Loan codes. If your mobile balance is less than Rupees 5 and hence want to opt for advance loan talk time, you just need to open your mobile dialer, type *141*10# and press down your call button.

After that, you can see a popup menu with 3 options. Here you have to choose your loan amount then enter loan amount index number to confirm your loan request. Now, you have successfully requested for advanced talk time loan on your Airtel prepaid number. Within a few minutes, your advanced 10 rupees talk time loan amount will be credited to your account instantly.

Airtel Loan Number

Airtel offers you 2 types of loan which are as below.

  1. Talktime Loan – You can get talk time loan from Airtel worth 5, 10 or 20 rupees instantly to make an urgent call from your phone.
  2. Internet Loan – When you don’t have any data pack on your Airtel SIM, you can take an internet loan worth 50MB or 100MB on your number.

We hope our article on how to take a loan in Airtel sim has helped you. Please share this article on social websites to help your other friends to know about this thing!! Share your comments in the comments section below if you have any doubt regarding this topic.

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