As a user After buying an Android smartphone, you will have to create some accounts to use respective apps benefits. In which, a Google Account is the most primary account to make. Also of that, Verizon is also one of the best services. But, somehow Verizon service is not much famous in India compare to the USA. Still, some users are using this service. If you are also one of them, then surely this discussion will help you. It is about the Verizon Backup Assistant Plus.

In the discussion, we will show you that How to stop Verizon Backup Assistant Plus from syncing. All the users who have faced it, they may have the solution to it. But, what about the rest of the users? So, for those, here we are for discussing that how to stop Verizon Backup Assistant Plus. So, have a look at the discussion and go ahead with the solutions to do the same.

How to Stop Verizon Backup Assistant Plus from Syncing?

Here, we make a list of the solutions for the issue which we have discussed above. In which, the number of solution can take place. You are free to use any of them as per your ease.

  1. By Turning Off the Backup Assistant Plus Using Verizon Account
  2. By Deselecting the Backup Assistant Plus from the Settings
  3. By Disabling the Sync Services
  4. By Using the Titanium Backup App (For Rooted Device Only)

As you can see, we will discuss the best 4 solutions to make stopping the Verizon Backup Assistant Plus. Among which, first 3 solutions can also be used for both, rooted and non-rooted devices. But, the last one is only for the users who have rooted their phone.

How to Stop Verizon Backup Assistant Plus from Syncing

By Turning Off the Backup Assistant Plus Using Verizon Account:

Most of the users have said that this fix is not effective as much as others. But, it does not mean that you do not try it. In this fix, you will have to make disable Verizon Backup Assistant Plus option.

To do so,

  • First of all, go to your Verizon Account using mobile and PC.
  • Here, find the option Backup Assistant Plus by your own.
  • After that, just turning off the option.

It may help you to with you want to do. But, as we said ago that it is not an effective fix, but do not ignore it at all. It was also helpful for some users, and that’s why we are recommending you.

By Deselecting the Backup Assistant Plus from the Settings:

The possibility of stopping the Verizon Backup Assistant Plus Syncing is high with this fix. It is the solution that you can perform it on the device only. You will not have to go for the use of the PC like the previous one.

  • Go to the Backup Assistant Plus by going into the Settings. You can find this option under the Media Backup.
  • Here, find the Backup Assistant Plus Media option and select it.
  • Now, select the type of media files to prevent the backup syncing. If you want to prevent the backup of all files, then select all.
  • Then, go to the Backup option and make it deselect.

So, by this way, you can easily stop the syncing of Backup Assistant Plus.

By Disabling the Sync Services

This one is also sometimes working. In which, you just have to disable the Sync Services of the device. We know that the sync services also play a significant role for the backup of the media. We are also familiar with the Sync Services since from the use of the Google Services.

It will keep us updated for all the actions that we have taken whether from the mobile or PC. Here, for the case of Verizon Backup Assistant Plus, the Sync Services may play the same role. And that’s why we recommend you to disable the Sync Services.

To do so,

  • Go to the Settings >> Application Manager or Apps.
  • Here, swipe the display from right to left side till the All tab comes.
  • This All tab contains the name of all the apps whether it is downloaded or pre-downloaded. Also of that, it also shows you the name of some required system to run the device.
  • From here, find the option of Sync Services. Tap on it.
  • Then, click on the Disable option to make it disable.

After that, the problem may automatically stop. We hope it may not more irritate you.

By Using the Titanium Backup App (For Rooted Device Only)

The Rooting Process is one of the most popular things that can be done with the mobiles. To take a joy of some third party apps and features, you have to root the mobile. Along with lots of advantages of the rooting, there is also some threats of it. The most feared one is about to lose the warranty of the new mobile. But, for the issue of Verizon Backup Assistant Plus, the Rooted device is a blessing.

As we have discussed, this trick is only for the users who have a rooted device. So, do not try this fix if you are not a rooted user.

We get the solution by using the free app Titanium Backup. It is available on Google Play Store along with the Premium Version also. The compatibility of this app is also very high with all the Android-powered mobiles. Just download it on your device and install it. Make some changes in the app that causes some issue and you may be done. This trick also works for most of the users. So, also use it on your device if you are also affected by the same issue. It will give you a happy result.

So, in the end, here we have listed the best 4 solutions to fix the Verizon Backup Assistant Plus issue. Mostly, all of them provides the good result. As per your view, you can use anyone of them. All of them will be ready to help you.

We hope that the above fixes will be very helpful to you. If it helps you in a real way, then do not forget to share it with others.

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