How to Save Youtube Videos on Android

There are many apps come as pre-installed apps in all the smartphone devices. The apps like Google, Youtube, Gmail and more. All the apps have their function to do. They all works very well as pre-installed apps in the devices. But, here we are going to be discussed on Youtube. In which, we will discuss that how to save Youtube videos or audios on Android smartphones and tablet devices.

We know that the Youtube is an app which designed by Google. The youtube is an app that helps you to watch online videos and movies. You can even stream YouTube on your TV. The Google has also made some changes in the Youtube. A Few of them is that it allows you to play the videos or audios in the background. The second one is that it will also enable you to save the videos and later you can see that videos offline quickly.

The another important thing about the offline playback feature is that the Youtube offline feature is applicable only for some particular contents.

How To Save Youtube Videos on Android

Now, for your straightforwardness, here we have described the process of how to save videos from Youtube. By using that, you can easily keep your favourite contents from the youtube, and you can also see that while you are offline.Offline playback feature is not applicable for all the contents of Youtube that we already discussed earlier.

Now, first of all, open the Youtube in online mode. Then, by using search panel located at the top, search your desired want or content, regarding video or audio. If your desired content supports the offline feature, an arrow will be displayed to the exact below of the content. It means the arrow indicates that content will support the offline playback feature.

Now, to save that desired video or audio, just tap on that arrow. After clicking the arrow, it will show you an option of resolutions. By which, you can select the resolutions of the video or audio, regarding Low quality (144 pixels), Medium quality (360 pixels), and High quality (720 pixels). After selecting the resolution as per your point of view, the video will be saved to your Android powered device.

How to Save Youtube Videos
How to Save Youtube Videos

Now, if you want to see the saved video while you are offline, then just follow the following easy steps.

  • Open the Youtube in offline mode.
  • Then, go to the Account section of the app.
  • In the Account section, you can see the option of History, My videos, Notifications, Watch later and Saved videos.

How to Save Videos from Youtube 2

  • Now, to see the save videos, just tap on the “Saved Videos” option and enjoying the video.

But, the most important thing about youtube is that it does not allow any users to download the videos and audio directly from the app on your Android device. To download videos from the Youtube, you have to use some certain apps, which allows you to do that work. But It is illegal to use that kind of apps to download the videos directly from the Youtube. As Youtube doesn’t allow users to download videos and use them.

Check out below video tutorial for more details on how to Save youTube offline on any android smartphones.

Previously there were some apps like Tubemate was available to download from Google Play store, but it was removed and banned from play store due to this issue. However YouTube now officially allows downloading individual videos from their Android app.

So if you are looking for How to Save Youtube Videos on Android smartphone, this tutorial will be helpful for you.

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Last Updated On: January 30, 2017

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