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How to Perform reboot on Realme 3 MT6771 Mobile

If you observe that your Realme 3 MT6771 screen hangs and takes too much time to open any application on your device?

Perhaps because your mobile is overloaded, and you have thought about rebooting quickly to free up its RAM memory. The previous phones come with battery removal options so that users can quickly take out the battery and insert the battery in case the mobile hangs. But nowadays, all the latest mobile devices come with non-removal battery options. So you may think that rebooting your phone may be difficult.

This article will guide you with three easy steps to restart your Realme 3 MT6771 device.

How to reboot your Realme 3 MT6771:

Restarting Realme 3 MT6771 does not erase any data from your phone. In case you want to delete all data from your mobile, you can visit this page.

You should also note that you must know your phone’s PIN for Realme 3 MT6771, as it will ask you for it when your mobile phone is turned on again.

  1. Press & Hold the Power/Unlock Button on your Realme 3 MT6771 until you see your device’s screen with a few options.
  2. Choose the Restart or Reboot option from the shown options on your Realme 3 MT6771’s screen. (If it’s asking for confirmation, tap on accept)
  3. Now your mobile phone will power off & on again to perform the restart. Wait for a couple of seconds, and now it will ask you for your mobile phone’s unlock pattern or fingerprint.

Once you confirm your smartphone’s password on your phone, it’s successfully rebooted now.

Troubleshooting guide for rebooting the Realme 3 MT6771:

How to restart your Realme 3 MT6771 in case it’s not responding?

Sometimes, your mobile device performs slow while playing a game or doing some heavy task on Realme 3 MT6771. You can not continue the current task on your mobile device. At that time, you will need to proceed with rebooting your Realme 3 MT6771 using physical buttons.

Suppose you want to do a force shutdown of your Realme 3 MT6771; press and hold the power button for at least 8 to 10 seconds until you see Android Logo or Realme logo appearing on your screen. Now release the button to let it start again.

Sometimes, your device is not responding even with physical buttons. You can not even force restart your Realme 3 MT6771. There are chances that your mobile phone has a low battery. The only solution in that case, is to connect your cable and try again.

If you still see Realme 3 MT6771 not responding even after following all of the above steps and you see it has entered into boot loop mode, there may be chances that there is some issue with your device. You should take it to the nearby Realme service center.

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