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How To Lock Apps in Android Using Hexlock

How To Lock Apps in Android Using Hexlock

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Using PIN or pattern lock on android sometimes time-consuming or annoying. E.g. We unlock distinguishes to send a message to the recipient after it gets locked. When we receive a message from them, again we unlock WhatsApp to read and send a message to them. Sometimes, you just want to have a quick access without typing a code or pattern lock. But we need information on our phone made private. So how about if we can lock individual apps like WhatsApp or gallery app on Android? We have found Hexlock app for Android that allows you to lock specific app on your device. Read the article below on how to use Hexlock to lock your apps on your device.

Setting up Hexlock App on Android

You have first to download Hexlock app from Google play store. Once it gets installed, open it, and you will be asked to set a PIN, Pattern lock or fingerprint(Incase you have fingerprint sensor-enabled device). This lock will be set as your password to open Hexlock or any app that you lock using Hexlock.

Hexlock App for Android

Once you set your Pattern lock or PIN on Hexlock, you can start locking your apps from your device. You will be able to lock as many apps as you want from the list. You can also create multiple lists based on your requirement. E.g. For Office need, For personal use, for fun, etc. We will be discussing creating a single list of an app to be locked in this article.


You just need to enable or disable apps from a Hexlock setting option. Hexlock will run in the background and lock apps that you have told it to lock.

Designs & User Interface

It’s very easy to operate and excellent user interfaces when we use the app. Light colours for each profile allow you to distinguish between profiles.

HexLock Work & Home Profile

There is a nice animation when we switch from one profile to another one.Tapping on any option and configuring it is very easy.

Customising Hexlock on Android

Hexlock Uninstall protection

One feature that impressed us is Uninstall protection. There any user uses app lock on their phone, it is easy to uninstall it if we want to bypass the lock screen. However, Hexlock allows you to activate uninstall protection. Using which, you can prevent unauthorised users to uninstall it.

It does this by making the app a Device Administrator, and if you want to uninstall it in the future, all you have to do is go back into the app and turn it off.

There are other features like Notify to lock newly installed apps and Enable auto-activate in Hexlock. Enable auto-activate feature helps you not to lock your device when you connected to specified WiFi network. When you leave that network, it will automatically get locked.

Notify to lock new app, will prompt you to lock your newly installed app on your phone. So whenever you install a new app on your device, it will ask if you want to lock that app on your device or not.

HexLock App Locked Notification

When any apps are locked, you will see that how many apps are locked in which profile. E.g. I have locked 9 apps in Work profile, so it is displaying that Work is active. Also, it shows it has locked 9 Apps. While some users don’t want other to show that in the notification bar. Here is how you can hide notification of Hexlock in your notification bar.

Hexlock Disable App Notification

First, go to Setting > Apps > hexlock > notification > Block All and you have done it. Hexlock notification in the notification bar will be disappeared.


Hexlock is a FREE app for the Android device with ad-supported version. Small banner runs on the screen while you try to open a lock of Hexlock. Ads are not affecting user interface, not showing full-screen ads within the app for me when I used it. However, you can get an ad-free version of Hexlock at just $1.30 price. Download Hexlock Android App from below.

Download Hexlock

Your Turn

Hexlock is an impressive app that I have used till date. Till date, I have tried few other lock screen apps on Android, but user interface of this app is clean, modern and recommended.It is a reliable alternative to traditional screen locks we are using on our phones.

Have you used Hexlock? Are you already using it? What do you think of hexlock, share your views in the comment section below.

Last Updated On: March 7, 2017

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