Have you any idea that how to install Android apps not available in your country? After reading this question, most of the users are also thinking that is it possible? Yes, exactly, it is possible. There are some Android apps at the Play Store, which still not available for some countries yet. This unavailability of the apps may be because of the developers of it. However, the Google Play Store is the best store to enjoy fresh and stylish Android apps. But, even after that, there are some apps which are still not available in your country.

How to Install Android Apps Not Available in Your CountrySometimes, it also happens that unavailable app is too good and you also wants to use, but what to do? Because the app is currently unavailable in your country. It is also a little bit or more displeasing you. So, at that time, you should have to go through some actions. But, now do not worry about it. Because here we will discuss a solution for how to install Android apps not available in your country.

To get an answer to this query, you just have to visit the entire discussion. We are sure that, it will definitely help you to download the available apps.

How to Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country?

We will complete this downloading process of unavailable apps through the Rocket VPN App. This app will help you too much to download a not available Android app of Play Store. Some VPN android apps lets you changing your IP address of your phone. So that you can easily download apps that are yet to be availed in your country.

  • Very first, download and install the Rocket VPN app on your Android smartphone from the Play Store. Through this app, you will have to make a fake location. To do so, the Rocket VPN Android app helps you. Instead of this app, you can also use some other VPN apps, which are also available at the Store.
  • Now, open that downloaded VPN App on your smartphone. Here, select the name of the country where that unavailable app is available. We recommend you to select the United States. Because the United States is the country, in which mostly all the cool apps are available. And that’s why we recommend you the United States. Here, after selecting the location, now tap on the Connect the VPN Service option.
  • After the connection is established correctly, now come back to the home screen of the mobile.
  • Then, go to the Settings >> Apps or App Manager or Application Manager >> All Tab. The All tab option shows you all the downloaded as well as pre-installed apps. Here, scroll down the display and find the option of Google Play Store. Tap on it. On the next display, click on the Clear Data and Clear Cache option one-by-one. It will erase all the stored data regarding the Play Store app. Then, also click on the Force Stop option.
  • After doing it, go to the Google App. By going there, now enter the name of that unavailable app in the search panel of the app. Now, it shows you all the close results relevant to the search. Then, tap on the result which shows you a link to Play Store. Do not try to find that unavailable app directly from the Google Play Store. If you do this, you will not be able to find the app from there.
  • Now, that link on which you have taped, it will open up the app directly in the Google Store. There may be some prompts come, then allow them. After allowing them, now you will be at the display of that unavailable app which is you want to downloading. But, here you should also see an Install option, which you could not find previously.
  • Now, tap on the Install option, to install it on your device. Allow the prompts if comes there. But, before that, it will ask you to setup the account completely. Here, tap on continue and go ahead. Now, again they may be asking you for the payment of the app. At that time, choose an option of Skip. After that, the downloading of that unavailable app is going to start.

By using above trick, you will be able to download the app, which is not available in your country. It will surely help you to do so. Even after downloading the app, some features of it may be not working properly. So, in that situation, you should have to run the VPN app on your smartphone device. Because some of the contents or features might not be available for the country where you live in.

Also of that, you are also free to use other VPN apps, which are also freely available at the Play Store. In which, the Opera Free VPN is also recommended by other sources. The Opera Free VPN also lets you enjoy the app which is not available for your country. So, if the Rocket App does not work properly, then the Opera Free VPN is the best alternative VPN app for you.

Now, we are going to complete this discussion of how to install Android apps not available in your country. In which, we have listed such easy steps, that can be easily followed by you. By following which, you should get that available app on your device. You are also free to use any of the VPN apps, either the Opera Free VPN or Rocket VPN app. More than that, you can also use directly from the Store.

Check out below video on how you can install android apps that are not available in your countries.

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We hope that this discussion regarding the unavailable app will be very helpful to you. If still, you are waiting for that unavailable apps, then do not wait and go ahead with this discussion. If it works for you, then do not forget to spread it over your group circles.