Are you annoyed with the One Plus 8 performance problems? Well, that’s not the story with every One Plus 8 buyer, but if you’re facing some issues, we are here to help you out. So, please read this post till the end to get rid of all the One Plus 8 performance problems.

The One Plus 8, brand, and model itself stands for the high-end performance. The phone is high in demand because of its impressive and amazing features like 120Hz display, supports wireless charging, and a powerful Snapdragon 865 processor. It is one of the fastest phones which offers consistent and smooth software experience.

But, a few early testers and buyers are talking about its performance issues. A few people find the phone slows down, or sometimes stutters. So, if you are also facing the same problem, then don’t worry, you hit the right page.

So, without doing any further ado, let’s just discuss all the possible solutions to get rid of the One Plus 8 performance problems.

Solutions To Fix One Plus 8 Performance Problems

How To Fix One Plus 8 Performance Problems

Start By Restarting Your Device

Restart is an excellent option to solve many issues in your device. We suggest restarting your device frequently or twice at a specific interval like a week or month for better performance of the phone. Restarting your One Plus 8 means refreshing your phone.

It is essential to do so because sometimes there are some misbehaving apps or background processes that you can not efficiently tackle. But if you restart your device, it’s easy for you to address the issue.

Restarting other Android phones is quite an easy process, but One Plus 8 comes with a unique way to restart. To restart your device, just hold the “Volume Up Button” and the “Power Key” for a few seconds. From the list, click on “Restart” and wait until your phone refreshes. After the process is completed, use the phone as usual and check whether things are sorted or not.

Look For Misbehaving Apps

Sometimes you have downloaded an app that eats a lot of your phone’s battery and slows down your whole device. Tackling the misbehaving app is a little complicated, but you can check the battery usage to grab the culprit.

To check the battery usage in your device, Go to the “Settings Menu” and tap on the “Battery.” In the battery list, you will find the detailed usage of all the apps.

Check which apps eat a lot of the battery of your phone. Other than One Plus Launcher, which app is continuously running in the background?

Once you find the misbehaving app, tap on it, and click on the “Optimize App,” which restricts all background activities. Or, if you don’t want to use the app, better “Uninstall” it to enhance the performance of your device.

Check The Storage Status Of Your Device

Sometimes your phone shows the notification that your device storage is full. But most of us always ignore this notification and continue using our phones. Then what happens? Of course, your phone performance slows down when you reach the maximum storage. If your device performance is slow, then check the storage status in settings.

To check the status, open the “Settings Menu” and tap on “Storage.” In the list, you get full coverage of what categories are filling up your phone storage so quickly.

Maybe there are two or three apps that eat a lot of your device storage, or perhaps you have high MB downloaded files in the phone storage. Just find the right culprit or the app, and then either delete it or transfer it to the memory card or computer. Once you have enough storage, the performance of your device automatically increases.

Uninstall or Delete Unused apps or Data

If you want to enhance the performance of your phone, simply uninstall or delete unused apps and their data. “Oxygen OS” is an excellent platform for that. Oxygen OS helps in sleeping all the background apps that you haven’t used for the last few days or weeks. But the app can be reactivated again with just a single tap and slow down things again. So, the better idea here is to uninstall the app that you haven’t used for the weeks.

To uninstall open the apps drawer, long press on the app that you want to uninstall and tap on “(-) or Uninstall.” After uninstalling, restart your phone and check whether its performance issue is solved or not.

Reset Your Default Settings

If you have tried all the above options but do not achieve your goal, then reset your device to its default settings. Sometimes mismatch of settings with the app creates performance problems.

To reset the settings, Go to the “Settings Menu” and tap on “System” and the Tap on Reset Option. In the list, you have noticed three Reset options. You have to reset all the choices one by one.

Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth:

Well, it’s a great option to reset all your network settings that fix the performance issue in your device. But remember, with this setting, your device can forget all the Wi-Fi saved passwords, networks, and paired Bluetooth devices.

Reset App Preferences:

Reset app preferences is also a great option because it clears all the cache of the apps. Reset app preferences also reset disable apps, notification preferences, background restrictions, permissions, etc. It’s a significant change in the settings, and it’s easy for you to find the misbehaving app.

Erase Everything or Factory Reset

If all the above options fail, then a factory reset is a great option to solve this issue. Sometimes deleting everything and starting fresh can resolve the issue and enhance the performance of your device. But before factory reset, remember that you have to back up all your data because everything stored in the phone will be lost with this method.

Once you have a backup, all your Data then open the “Settings Menu” and tap On System. In the list, tap on “Reset Option.” In the Reset options, which we discuss above tap on “Erase All Data.”

Confirm the pop-up window and that’s all. Now you need to wait until your phone reboots and erase everything. Once done, you can now set your phone again.

Wrap Up

So those are the solutions to fix the performance issues on One Plus 8. We hope you remember all the specific points and follow the guide carefully.
Thanks for your valuable time. We hope with the above ways you can boost your phone performance again. Don’t forget to share our article. For more updates, do follow us and stay tuned with us on the Android portal.

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