Google Pixel is a smartphone that has fascinated people with its marvellous features and specifications. It offers you a 5 5-inch multi-touch capacitive display, which is perfect for a great display experience. But what should you do if the device somehow won’t turn on?

Or you can say if the screen does not show you anything, then what should be the next step? There is only one thing that you can do is troubleshooting, but how? So, to let you know more, here we are to discuss How to Fix the Google Pixel Black Screen Problem.

Have a look at the entire guide, and then you might be able to conquer this issue.

How to Fix the Google Pixel Black Screen Problem?

The Google Pixel comes with such influential features, especially in terms of display. But, if the display somehow gets damaged, then this device has no meaning. So, to resolve it, you must think about a quick solution. To get to know about its solution, you just need to visit this guide.

In this, we will mention some simple but powerful tricks to get rid of the issue.

How to Fix Google Pixel Black Screen Problem

Charge the Mobile

Whenever you notice the smartphone is not starting, the first thing you need to check is the battery. As we know, the smartphone runs on the power provided by the battery, depending upon the device. Sometimes, we all run short of the battery due to some reason. So, if the device does not get a start, then the exhausted battery may be the reason.

At that time, you must try charging the battery using its standard charger. Then, if the device gives you any sign, that means you don’t have to do anything with it. And let the battery charge for some time. Then try to turn on the device, and you will probably get a better result. But, if you do not get any signal or sign, then it is the issue you have to worry about.

And do not try to remove the battery from the device as it has a non-removable battery. If you still do that, it will be an invitation to other issues for coming in.

Check the Firmware whether it is crashed or not

Nowadays, crashing of the firmware is one of the often issues that is taking place in the device. Although it does not cost you more, it will only freeze the device. If once the device gets frozen, then nothing can you do with that unless it comes to regular.

So, whenever you notice that frozen device, you first have to make it switch off anyhow. To do so, the best approach to apply is to press and hold the Power Key for more than 10 seconds.

It will force the device to turn off. Then wait for a while and make it turn on again. If it turns on without any hassle, then the problem of the black screen will automatically be fixed. But, if it doesn’t, you will have to think about a better solution.

Boost Mobile in Safe Mode

The smartphone is a device that can store all the apps, media, data, files, games, and more. Some of the Android apps you can not find on the Google Play Store. And, to download it, we are looking at the other source or third parties which provide such apps.

You might also encounter errors or problems by downloading and installing those apps. One or more apps are also causing this Google Pixel’s black screen issue. So, to rule out those possibilities, we will have to find those apps.

To do so, you have to boot your mobile into Safe Mode.

  • With the black screen, press and hold the Power key till you see a Google Logo on display.
  • As you see the logo, now press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Hold the same key and continue until you see the Safe Mode word at the lower left corner of the screen. It may take several seconds, but let the device do its work.

With the successful entrance into the safe mode, then the possibility of ruling out the issue will be high. Now, here we will have to find those apps which are causing the issue. After that, just make those apps uninstall, and the problem may get solved. If you can not find that app, then for compensation, delete the app which you have installed most recently.

But, for all this, you must boot the Google Pixel into safe mode. If you are unsuccessful in doing so, then you might not be able to resolve the issue.

Boot the device into Recovery Mode

The factory data reset can be considered an ultimate trick when all other tricks do not work correctly. You can also perform the factory data reset whether a device is on or off. But, here, as we are discussing the troubleshooting for the faulty screen, we have to go with the switching-off method. So, let us begin with it.

  • Turn off the Google Pixel if it is not.
  • Now, wait till the screen disappears, and then press and hold the Power key and Volume Down Key concurrently. It will take you to Bootloader mode, and now you can release the keys.
  • Then, navigate to the Recovery mode by using the Volume Down Key.
  • Select that option by pressing the Power key.
  • On the next screen, you will see the Android logo with the message No Command. Here, press and hold the Power key again.
  • You will get a list of actions. From this, navigate to the option Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume Down Key.
  • Press the Power key to select that option. It will prompt you with two other options, Yes or No.
  • Here, with the help of the Volume Down Key, scroll to the Yes option. And again, use the Power key to select Yes.

As the process of wiping the data is complete, you will get a message as Reboot System Now. Now, press the Power key to do so and wait for a while. If the screen behaves well, that means the issue is solved.

Repairing or Replacement

After trying all the possible tricks, repairing is the best option if the issue is still idle. For that, the device’s best place is an Authorized Service Center.

You can also get help from a well-known technician who knows everything related to smartphone issues. If the device has manufacturing defects, then you will also get a free replacement worth it. So, it is always worth going to the Authorized Service Center rather than visiting a technician.

In the end, we hope that you will get an appropriate solution to Fix the Google Pixel Black Screen Problem. Also, make your friends and groups familiar with this helpful guide if you get anything useful in the guide.

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