Do you own iPhone? Have some issues with performance? Well, you can factory reset iPhone so that it will become a new iPhone. Here in this article, we have posted two methods to reset any iPhone. You can reset your iPhone directly from a set of iPhones or reset your iPhone using iTunes. But the easiest way is to reset the iPhone from setting.

How to Reset iPhone

Using this method you can reset your iPhone within 10 minutes so if you don’t want to go with the iTunes method try this. Here we have posted below a straightforward and easy process to reset your iPhone, so follow these methods.

Directly from iPhone (Easy process)

  • First of open Setting in your iPhone
  • In the setting, scroll down and select the “iCloud” option
  • Scroll down and choose “Find My iPhone” disable it & Restart your iPhone
  • Again, launch “Setting” from your phone
  • In the Setting, Scroll down and open the “General” option
  • Scroll Down in the General Section and open the “Reset” option
  • Here, you have to choose Reset All Contact and Settings
  • Now Type your Passcode then tap on the “Erase iPhone” option

factory reset iphone

This will erase all “Content and Settings” from your iPhone, and you have successfully reset your phone.

Make sure you have taken a backup of your iPhone data before you proceed with resetting it, as it is an irreversible process and you might lose your valuable data after formatting it.

Reset iPhone Using iTunes on PC or Mac

  • First of all Launch “iTunes” on your PC or Mac(Note: make sure you have the latest and updated version of iTunes. If you don’t have the latest iTunes so download and install it first.)
  • After downloading and installing iTunes, Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable

how to completely reset iphone

  • Now, you have to click on the iTunes menu on the top left side of the screen
  • Find and select the “Check for Updates” option from the drop-down menu

Note: Before restoring your iPhone backup your iPhone using iTunes. If your want to save your all data like Photos, Contacts, Apps, Settings, and other sensitive data. If you don’t want to backup, your phone’s data so skip this.

how to factory reset iphone

  • Here you need to click on the “Restore iPhone” button
  • After clicking on the restore button, you need to confirm your action
  • Click on the “Agree” button if prompted

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