A downloading of the Android app for all the Android users is too easy to the Google Play Store. Mostly, the Play Store is a place or a market at which you can find all the required apps effortlessly. But, what about the Android app which is not available on the Google Store? So, at that time, you will have to go with the APK file of that app. The APK file is simply a file with .apk extension. Sometimes to install the APK files, you need to extract that file. Now, the another question will take place and it is How to Extract APK File? So, for the solution of it, you just have to check out this entire discussion.

But, before moving ahead, we would like to share some important cautions with you. If you have Rooted Android mobile, then this job of extracting APK will be too easy. But, not all the users have the device with root access. Because the root access also has some disadvantages. By keeping this thing in the mind, all the users does not feel happy to root their mobile. Now, what to do with the non-rooted smartphone? So, here you will get an answer to this question with secure processes. Yes, in this discussion, we will discuss the tricks to extracting the APK with the non-rooted Android mobiles.

Disclaimer: It is not legal to extract paid Android apps apk file, if you do so, you are responsible for your own. This guide has been written for an educational purpose, we does not promote or support piracy.

How to Extract APK File on Non-Rooted Android Smartphone?

Before doing anything, one thing keeps in mind that the extraction of the Paid Android APK is illegal. So, if you have a paid APK Android App file, then do it at your risk. For that, we do not take any responsibility for any trouble. It means, whenever you are trying to extract the APK file, do it by keeping this thing in mind.

Now, we are going to begin the tricks of extracting the Android APK files. Again we reminding you that, this app is also applicable for the non-rooted Android device. So, now have a look at the details of the solution of How to Extract APK File.

1.) By using the File Explorer:

The File Explorer is one of the best tools to extract the APK file even with rooted and non-rooted mobiles. For the rooted users, an Advanced File Explorer helps a lot to do so. But, here for the users the users who do not have root access, the useful tool is ES File Explorer. We know that the Es File Explorer is a file managing app for the Android mobiles. Here, we are also using this app to extract the APK files on the device. So, make sure about this app is installed on your phone or not. Now, take a look at the entire procedure of the extraction the APK file of Android app.

Extracting APK files using android file manager:

  • First of all, download and install the ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.
  • After installing it on the device, open it.
  • On the main page of the app, you should find the option as Logger, Compressed, Cleaner, Apps, Images, and more.
  • From here, tap on the App option. It will show you all the apps that have been available on your device at that time.

How to Extract APK File 1

  • Now, select the APK file app that you want to extract in it.
  • After selecting it, at the bottom, you can see some options as Lock App, Uninstall, Backup, Properties, and More.
  • Here, tap on the third option of Backup. As soon as you tap on it, it also shows you the destination of that Backup App.

All that files are saved in folders as Backups >> Apps.To reach that destination using the ES File Explorer, use the below steps.

  • Come back on the main page of the ES File Explorer app. Now, swipe the display from right to left side.
  • You should see all the folders with their respective names.
  • Here, find the folder with name Backups. To easily recognize it, just find the folder with a symbol of this App.

How to Extract APK File 2

  • After that, it shows you more two folders, in which one is Apps, and second is System.System.
  • Tap on the First folder.
  • Here, you can see that file or app which you have extracted in the previous procedure.

So, by this way, you can easily extract the Android APK files on your Non-Rooted Android smartphones. If you feel that this is an easy process, then you find the next process is easier than this one. Do not forget to have a look of it also.

2.) By using the APK Extractor Android App:

The app with name APK Extractor is also a helpful tool to extract the APK files. This app works well with all the non-rooted phones. The APK Extractor is an app which is easily available on Google Play Store for all the Android users. It comes with high compatibility with all of your Android devices. The users of this app also praise the way this app works.

So, firstly, download the app on your Android handset, and follow the below steps to extract the APK.

  • Install the app and open it.
  • With the opening of the app, you can see all the apps, whether it is pre-installed or not.

How to Extract APK File 3

  • Here, find the file that you want yo extract. Tap on it.
  • It will extract in some time.

How to Extract APK File 4

All the extracted APK Files will take place in a folder with a name Extracted APKs. So, to reach to that file, go to that folder.

Even from the home page of the APK Extractor app, you can also share the app.

How to Extract APK File 5

To do so, tap on the three dots located in front of the name of the app. Here, you can find the Share option. By tapping on it, you can get all the available options to share that APK files or apps.

Here, the solution of How to Extract APK File is almost done. In which, we have described only two but practical solutions to do so. By using both the process, you can extract the APK files quickly. These solutions can easily be applied to any Android smartphones.

We hope that by using this discussion, you may get exactly that what you want. If it helps you for desired work, then why do not share with others? Then, do not forget to share it with other Android Users.

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