Want to know how to set up and enable android device manager on Android smartphones? Here you’ve arrived on the right webpage, and today we will explain every related fact with step by step guide.

Most people complain that the Android device manager fails to locate or detect their Android smartphone on both the app and website version. Well, to get the best results with the Android Device Manager, it’s not only enough to sign in to Google account and install the device manager on your smartphone.

Fact is, you need to set up the device manager in an appropriate way so that it can locate your device in all situations.

So, here we will be explaining your everything on how to set up and enable android device manager with ease for best results.

How To Enable Android Device Manager

Guide To Enable Android Device Manager On Any Compatible Device

Step 1: Start By Enabling Location To Enable Android Device Manager

Start By Enabling Location To Enable Android Device Manager

Access the Settings app on your android device and scroll down the screen to find the Security&Privacy option and then Location menu. Once found, tap on it and switch toggle. That’s all; you’ve successfully enabled the location access settings on your android device.

Next, you need to choose a location mode. Also, please note that if you choose high accuracy, your device will use Wi-Fi, GPS, cellular network, or Bluetooth to determine the location of your device.

High Accuracy location setting is the highly recommend setting as it provides the most accurate results.

Furthermore, please note that the battery saving mode allows Android devices to determine its location utilising the Bluetooth, cellular network, or WiFi. Also, when the Device Only mode is enabled, the location of the device will be determined by GPS.

Step 2: Enable Google Security Settings To Enable Android Device Manager

Enable Google Security Settings To Enable Android Device Manager

Follow the below instructions

Settings >>> Google >>> Security >>> Find My Device

Once you’re there on security page, enable the “Find My Device” option. It will start showing the location of the device in the Android Device Manager. Next, you need to download official “Find My Device” from Google Play. So, now if you will lose your device ever, you will be able to factory reset it with the help of android device manager.

Step 3: Check Whether It’s Working Or Not  

Simply visit this link, login to your account with same Google id you’re using for your android. Now check if you’re able to locate your device or not. Hopefully, it will show you the exact location of your device.

Also, if it fails to show location, recheck your device settings. Furthermore, ensure that you’re using the same Google account to sign in on both your device and Google device manager page.

That’s all. Now you can track your smartphone and wipe or delete all your data remotely whenever needed.

Android Device Managers exists to help you manage most security threats with ease. So, setup and start grabbing the benefits by enabling android device on your smartphone.


So, that’s all about how to enable the android device manager in Android devices. Also, we hope this guide has helped you. Right after you enable the device manager, you can ring or text your device to inform the one who finds your smartphone.

Furthermore, you can also erase all the data remotely if you’re worried about the data leak. So, that’s all. Thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal.