As we know the mobile is one of the primary needs nowadays for most of the people. The mobile can be used for lots of purposes. Such as to play games, to use the internet, to calling, to send the message, to payment or more. Along with that, most of the people are also uses the mobile to chat or video calling with each other. The chatting is necessary to stay connected with each other. To chatting, the typing is a must. So many peoples have very good typing speed on their smartphones, but sometimes typing a long story can be a headache. It’s tedious task when you need to write the same thing repeatedly during a chat. So, to get rid of it, you can just copy and paste on your device. Here in this article, we will cover a useful topic on the same.Check the further article on how to copy and paste on android phones and tablet devices.

Like a computer, the Android phone also allows you to copy and paste the text. So, the copy and paste will save your time and will also reduce your action of typing.

How To Copy And Paste On Android

How to Copy and Paste on Android

As we told ago, here, we will discuss that how to copy and paste particular contents on Android device. In which, we will mention this method for both, for the text and the URL also. Both the method of copy and paste is so simple that you can do easily on your mobile.

First of all, we are going to discuss the process of How to Copy and Paste Text on Android smartphone. So, look at the method and keep a copy and paste to stop the repeated typing.

1.) How to Copy and Paste Text on Android smartphone:

To copy and paste the text contents on the Android mobile, just follow the below easy process.

  • First of all, find the text that you want to copy and paste on your mobile.
  • This text contents can be copied and paste from anywhere. It can be from the website, from the text message, from the web page and more.
  • After finding the appropriate text, now tap and hold on that text you want to copy.
  • By doing so, you can see the highlight handles. Now, drag that handle to highlight the text that you want to copy and text.

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  • You will find copy option; we have to select that
  • Now, open the page or space, where you want to paste that copied text.
  • Tap & hold there. This time you will see an option of paste. Tap on that option to paste the text.

Now, we will discuss the method of copy and paste the Link or URL on Android phone. This method is quite same as above process.

2.) How to Copy and Paste Link or URL on Android smartphone:

Likewise, copy and paste of text, the copying URL on Android is also possible. It will help you when you want to share an important URL with someone. You can copy the link from the address bar of any browser on your Android smartphone. To do so, just take a look at the below procedure of doing it.

  • Very first, find the link that you want to copy and paste, to share with someone.
  • After the URL, now tap and hold on that URL.
  • Then, you can see the Copy option. Tap on that option to copy that URL or link.


  • Now, open space at where you want to paste that link. If you want to share it directly with someone, then open the chat or message box.
  • Here, tap and hold the space. Then, the option of paste appears on the screen.
  • Tap on the Paste option. It will paste the URL or link that you have copied from the browser.

From here, you can directly share the URL with someone. Using this guide, you can easily copy and paste text as well as URL on your Android smart device. Both the methods are applicable for smartphones as well as tablets. So, users of both the devices can easily copy and paste the relevant text and URL. Alternatively, you can use some clipboard manager apps on your device that will store copied items in it. So you can retrieve your copied text from the past, or you can save multiple copied text together under clipboard manager apps.

There is no place like clipboard on Android. So after copying data, you might be finding where is my clipboard, or where is my copied data on your Android. But apps like clipboard manager will help you to store multiple copied text together.

We hope this article about how to copy and paste on android has helped you. If you find this discussion helpful, please share it online to help other having similar questions.